Kaelyn Dancing

Posted by Jenna | Friday, December 19, 2008

There's nothing better than watching a baby dance!! It started out when Kaelyn was quite young...she'd bob her head and get all excited when she'd hear music of any kind. Now, she's older and has started to stand out in the middle of the room, bobbing her head, turning her hips and bouncing her legs to all kinds of music....a tune she hears on the TV, the songs her toys play, etc. It's pretty adorable if you ask me!! :) No matter what kind of day I'm having...I always enjoy Kaelyn's dancing. She can bring a smile to my face in an instant...what a joy she is! I happened to capture her dancing last night as she played with a "Guitar Hero" toy from the cereal box. Isn't it something that something as simple as a cheap toy from Kellogg could provide endless fun for a one year old??! :)

Ferrero Chocolates Holiday Giveaway!!

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of the nice things about this time of year is all the great food! Especially the sweets! Right?!? Well...if you enjoy sweets as much as I do...then do I have a giveaway for you!

I've decided to do my very first giveaway on this blog! I'm sure many have heard of the Ferrero Company before, but did you know that they are in their second straight year of partnering with Share Our Strength, one of the nation's leading organizations working to make sure no child grows up hungry in America?? They have given 150,000 dollars to this organization and are giving others the opportunity to add to that amount as well. How you ask? All you have to do is go to Share Something Sweet and "send something sweet" which is a customized e-card, and Ferrero will donate another 1 dollar per card sent! They will do this up to 10,000 dollars! What a difference that could make!! And, for every person that joins the Ferrero Facebook page, "Ferrero Lovers Unite," they will donate another $1 to Share Our Strength (up to $1,000).

To raise awareness about Share Our Strength, I am hosting a giveaway where I will be giving away 7 Ferrero Chocolate Christmas Tree gift boxes filled with Ferrero chocolates. For a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment (please be sure that you either leave your e-mail address with your comment or email it me so I know how to get a hold of you if you should win). On Monday, December 22nd at 5:30 PM I will randomly draw the seven winners and will e-mail them right away.

Good Luck:)

Walking Baby

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of the biggest milestones we're facing with Kaelyn right now is walking!! She's been cruising for quite some time now...and about a month ago started to take steps. Then, within the past couple of days she's started to take more steps. We can really tell her confidence is increasing as she tries to walk more and more. It's fun to watch her thinking as she takes each step. It's like she's telling herself "I can do it, I can do it". :) It's very cute. So far she's taken 7 steps at a time, but each day she seems to get better and better. I have a feeling she'll be walking before we know it. Then we'll really be busy!!haha

Video to come....

Our new Wii

Posted by Jenna | Monday, December 15, 2008

For a few months now Scott and I have talked about getting a Nintendo Wii. The more we played it with friends and family, the more interested we became. Yesterday, my parents came up to visit and bought a Wii of their own. We played it for a few hours at least and by the end of the day you could say we were more than sold on buying one!! It was just so much fun!! They are going fast with Christmas around the corner, but Scott called around and found us one at a great price. We not only got it because it's a lot of fun and something we can do together, but also because waking up sore this morning and feeling like I did an extensive workout, tells us both that it's great exercise as well. I know some people who play don't move around much, but when you choose to really get into the game you're playing it can be a great way to exercise. There have actually been people to lose weight when implementing better eating habits and daily Wii activity that I've heard of. I'm very excited to keep playing for the fun of it and for the healthy aspect it will bring to our lives. Of course I am also looking forward to getting better at each of the games too! Who wouldn't like to have fun while exercising?? I know I do!!

I think it will also be a fun thing to do over the holidays with all of our family around. Many pictures to come I'm sure!! :)

Treating a Baby's Dry Skin

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For the past couple of weeks Kaelyn has been struggling with what we thought was a small rash on her tummy and back. Over time we noticed that it was also appearing on her arms, legs and neck as well. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Scott decided it would be best to take her to the Dr just in case it was something that should be treated before the holiday weekend. Thankfully the Dr had no concerns and said it was either dry skin or a reaction to something. Since we knew she hadn't been introduced or exposed to anything new that may cause an allergic reaction...we have come to the conclusion that it could just be very dry skin. We got a good moisturizer and started to dress here in lighter pjs at night. We're also looking into getting a humidifer for her bedroom as well. So far these things seem to be helping. The rash is minimizing and all she's really left with is very dry skin. I did some looking and came across Angel Baby Lotion which is supposed to be great for kids with skin like hers. It's all natural which is also an added bonus. It's coming in the mail and should be here by this weekend. I'm really excited to try it out and see how it works. I'll keep you posted....

Trying New Gerber Products

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 24, 2008

As a stay at home mom I love having the opportunity to receive sample products and review them. I not only enjoy doing this to try new things with my family, but also to get the word out there about noteworthy products that other moms and parents would enjoy trying as well.

A while back I was was asked to review a sample kit of Gerber 2nd Foods. Having a little one I of course said yes. I was excited to try their new dinner purees with DHA which is a very important nutrient that helps to support brain and eye development. I was also interested in trying and learning more about the Organic Cereals that they are adding to their line of foods.

All of the products I received and tried were great! I would have to say that I loved the Organic Cereals as I knew I was giving the very best to my little girl. Her favorite was probably the dinner purees...which again was great for me as I knew she was getting the nutrients she needs to continue to grow healthy and strong. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to try Gerber Products and hope to have more in the future!!

The Simple Things in Life

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 10, 2008

Isn't it funny how kids love to play with the simplest toys?? Kaelyn has so many toys, especially after having had a birthday and getting many as gifts....but it seems she always goes back to the simplest ones to play with. Usually it's books or stuffed animals...but lately, it's a box we left out for her to play with after her birthday party. It's so cute to see her crawl inside and then pop her head out to play peek a boo!! It cracks me up each and every time....she's such a funny little girl. I'm glad she enjoys the simple things in life. :)

One Year Old and Many Changes!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Friday we took Kaelyn to her 1 year doctors appointment. I guess you could say that it really made it seem real that she's actually 1! The appointment went great as always...and the best part was getting to see how much she'd grown since her last appointment!! She had grown the most that she had since she was just a new born....over three pounds in three months and almost 2 inches!! She's still a petite little girl....but it was great to hear that she continuing to grow as she should! We could tell she was rowing more over the past few months as our arms are getting more and more tired when holding her. :) Since she's officially 1 and is well over 20 pounds it was now time to turn her car seat around. We were looking forward to doing this...as we knew it was getting quite boring for her to stare at the seat. We turned it around and she had the biggest smile on her face the first time we went somewhere! She got to see the world and you could tell she felt like such a big girl!!

First Birthday Party

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 03, 2008

What a fun day we had yesterday!! :) We had a first birthday party for Kaelyn with our parents and siblings....and it went great! There was a lot of planning that went into it...and everything went so smoothly. It was a lot of fun getting everyone together...that doesn't happen very often. Kaelyn loved having everyone here, and enjoyed opening all of her gifts. She has so many new toys and clothes to enjoy now! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members!! It's kind of sad that it's over so quickly....but I'm glad we were able to get lots of pictures and video footage. It will be fun to have those memories always! :)

First Halloween

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, November 01, 2008

Last night we took Kaelyn trick or treating. Our town actually has trick or treating at the mall...which is much more fud and warm for the kids. We took her there and had a great time. She really had fun I think! We even took around to some of the neighbors as well. They enjoyed seeing her all dressed up in her ladybug costume! So did I! We got lots of pictures, and even were able to get a professional pic there in the mall. I'm excited to see how it turned out!! She looked so cute. I will post pics soon!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today is the day our little girl turns one!! I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? I'm sure like many other parents, I just can't believe how quickly the first year has gone. It seems like just yesterday she was born and we were in the hospital! She's been such a joy and we can't wait to see all the changes over the next year! However, one wish we have is that it would slow down a bit. This first year was so much fun, but went by far too quickly! I'm glad we have lots of pictures to help us remember all the great times we've had so far at least!

We'll be sure to take lots of pictures today and tomorrow (Kaelyn's party nad her opening gifts) and will post a few very soon!

Fall Fun!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, October 13, 2008

It seems our weekends fly by so quickly....we often try to soak up any family time we get together. This weekend we did just that as we took Kaelyn outside to play in the leaves for the first time. Our yard has a few very large trees...so, needless to say.....you can see more leaves than grass this time of year. It's fun though...now that Kaelyn is old enough to get out there and play in them some! At first she was a little unsure, but as she explored and discovered more....she really seemed to like them! She was walking through them, crawling through them...even trying to eat them (which she didn't). I had such a fun time watching her...I can't wait to get her out there again sometime soon!

Planning a First Birthday

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, September 27, 2008

As the first of November nears I begin to plan more and more for Kaelyn's first birthday!! It almost seems surreal that she will be one years old in just over a month...I can't hardly believe that it's that time already. I'm having a great time planning for it. I wanted to make the day extra special for her...so I went on ebay, like I normally do to find great deals, and found a SUPER cute little outfit! The amazing thing is that it was brand new with tags and I paid next to nothing for it! Kaelyn will wear the outfit attached on her birthday! Isn't it darling?! :) It says Birthday Girl on the shirt and comes with a little crown hat. I'm excited to get pictures of her in, I'll definitely share when the times comes!

Baby Products Today? Safe or Dangerous?

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's pretty scary to think about the dangers of lead in our country. It seems like each day I learn of more products out there which we should be aware of. I am especially cautious now that I have a daughter to look out for. I do extensive research on almost all things I buy for her...whether it be dishes and other eating utensils, clothing, toys, etc. Recently I heard that many of us should even be cautious of the vinyl bibs our babies wear. Although there is debate, it seems that there may be dangerous levels of lead in them. I guess cloth may be the way to go??! Sometimes I think the convenience that new items bring us, also brings some of these dangerous issues. Although cloth bibs are probably more work (as we have to wash them more), it may be safer?! I often think back to the time when I was a baby and the things my mom used with us kids...although it may have been more work for her, I think it also may have been safer for us than the products we are using with our children today. What do you think?

Brand Name Baby Clothes: Splurge or Budget?

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm sure many can relate when I say how much fun it is to buy for a baby girl!! Right?! I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I had a little boy!! Little baby clothes are so cute! I can't get over the styles and things they come up with. My husband always says how much the little girl clothes look just like the things I wear as an adult! Since I was a little baby....clothes sure have come a long way. My mom dressed me in stylish clothes too....I guess maybe it's the styles that have changed, not the variety design?! Either way, I find it almost overwhelming when I'm in a store looking for clothes for Kaelyn. There's just so much, and usually it's not cheap! For as quickly as babies grow...I think it's absolutely absurd to spend the money on some of these clothes. For example, for a simple winter jacket, which I've been looking for Kaelyn for this winter....at Saks they are 125 dollars and at Old Navy they are only 32. Many people enjoy paying for a brand, which I admittedly have done in the past as well. However, when it comes to my daughter who grows out of clothes almost more quickly than I can buy them...I have to say that I'm going to stick to the cheaper ones.

Reading Books to Babies - Develop a LOVE For Reading!

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Many of us hear how important it is to read to babies, but until you've either been around babies or had one...you don't see the benefits it brings. I always knew it was good to read to children, so when we had Kaelyn we did just that from the time she was very little. Now, she is 10 1/2 months old and LOVES books. She's a very active baby and hardly ever sits still, but when someone is reading to her she will sit for a very long time. In fact, she'll even grab her books when playing by herself and begin flipping through the pages and talking to herself. I like that this is an activity that she enjoys. It's one that I hope she continues to like as the years go on.

So, why read to your baby? Well...other than the fact that it's a great thing to do together, it's also a wonderful form of stimulation. It also teaches them about communication, concepts like numbers, letters, colors, etc., and helps them to learn how to listen and remember things. Most babies especially enjoy those books which repeat themselves and offer colorful pictures.

I don't know about you, but one of the most fun things to watch when we read to Kaelyn is the way she interacts. As a small baby she would just watch the pages as we read to her. Then when she was about 6 months or so she began turning the pages for us. Now she'll point to pictures and even try and say some of the objects in the pictures...."baby" and "kitty" for example. It's such a great thing parents can do with their kids, and so much fun to see them learning new things.

If you haven't started to this yet with your own baby, try and set a special time to do this each and every day....maybe even more than once a day. Also try and have age appropriate books available to them when they are playing. Not only do they learn from you reading to them, but there is so much to learn as they discover and explore on their own as well!

Big Changes....A New Job!

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 28, 2008

With much prayer Scott and I felt the Lord leading us to make a big change.... Scott taking another job position that was recently offered to him. Although he went into his current job with every intention of staying, with time he saw that his heart was just not there. So, when contacted by a recruiter with a great position in the field of Agronomy Sales, he jumped at the opportunity to interview. Although difficult to move on from this family business where he has formed many close friendships....we both know it is where God is leading us and are very excited about this journey we are about to embark on!! God is SO good and wants what is best for us. He knew that Scott was not entirely happy at his current job, and knew that that there was better for him. With patience on our part....He has shown us that this is the direction we are to go. It is the job of Scott's dreams...offering everything and more than we could have ever asked for!! We feel very blessed to have this opportunity and I know Scott will absolutely love it. It's so neat to see the Lord working and we can't wait to see all that He has in store for the future!! Scott begins work at his new job as an Agronomy Sales Specialist on September 10th....so the countdown begins! :)

Fun at The Fair

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our town is having their annual fair this week. Last year we were moving at this time, so tonight was the first time I'd ever been there! It was also Kaelyn's first time. It was actually a lot of fun, and Kaelyn really enjoyed watching all of the animals. They had a lot of fun things there to do and to see, but we had to get (Blowing Kisses to the horses) home so Kaelyn could go to bed. We may head back up there later in the week or this weekend...we'll have to see how things go. I think Kaelyn would really like that.

Mommy and Kaelyn

Wonderful New Camera

Posted by Jenna | Monday, July 28, 2008

We haven't had our new camera long...but we can already tell that we're both really going to like it!! We really enjoyed our old camera...but it took longer to take a picture and didn't always catch moving objects very well. These two reasons alone did not go well with having a very busy baby that we are constantly taking pictures of. Our new camera seems to capture Kaelyn moving very well. It also takes the pictures quickly...which is another nice option when you have a busy little bee like we do! One of our favorite features is the fact that it can zoom up really close to things that are very far away. Not only that...but the pictures remain clear. These pictures are ones that Scott took of Kaelyn from across the room....no too bad.

Benefits of Baby Signing

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Having gone to school for education and worked with many young children I already knew that teaching our children some sign language was something that I wanted to do!! Before Kaelyn was born we had already even received the "Baby Signing Time"dvd as a baby shower gift...which I couldn't be happier about! Kaelyn watches that dvd several times a week and her little face lights up every time. Even if I just start singing one of the songs from it...she turns towards the TV anticipating for it to start.

Just recently Scott and I both started noticing that Kaelyn was starting to understand much more of what we said than she has in the past. You could tell that she was starting to learn who certain people were as well as things. It's so neat to see their little minds working...they're SO incredibly smart!! Anyways...around this time it became aparant to me that some of the signing that we've been practicing and watching on the dvd had sunk in. One day while feeding her I said "Do you want more Cheerios" and she put her hands together (almost like a clap, but she was wanting more). Her fine motor ability to put her finger tips together isn't quite there yet, but it's SO neat to see her trying. Just having her put her hands together lets me know what she needs and that's the whole point.

As time goes on I'm really starting to see the benefits of baby signing. It's a great way to eliminate the stress of not knowing what your baby wants, or your baby not knowing how to communicate with you what they need. Having a young child who has very few words be able to tell you that they need something is incredible. As a teacher I also know that it's a great way to start language development skills. I could go on and on with the benefits because there are so many. Do you sign with your baby? How do you like it?? If you never have....it's definitely worth trying. My mom always says little ones are like "little sponges" and soak everything in...and she's absolutely right. That's why signing works so well. It's honestly as easy as teaching your baby to wave "bye bye"!

The following is a clip taken of Kaelyn as she signs for "more"at 8 1/2 months old....

The Privelege of Being a SAHM

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have you ever seen or used those little baby calendars where you can fill in everything your baby is doing throughout their first year? We got one before Kaelyn was born at a baby shower...and I absolutely LOVE it!! At first I didn't know how much I would use it, but with time I see that it makes keeping track of her milestones so simple! We have a baby book...but it's easier to jot things down in the calendar and transfer some of the information to the baby book later.

Anyways...as I was writing in her calendar the other day....I came to realize what an eventful and significant month it has been! Out of any other month....Kaelyn has learned more and has done more in July by far! She is becoming her own little person and really showing us that she understands so much already! Not only is she doing the typical large motor things like standing up along furniture and taking a few steps, but she's also doing things like clapping, waving, blowing kisses, signing "more"....and even going and getting toys that we ask her too. For instance, she knows what her puppy is, what her baby is, etc. It's SO much fun to see her learning new things and becoming more independent. Aren't babies smart?!! Wow!! I enjoy each day and watching her change and grow. It is such a privelege to be a stay at home mom! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

Make Your Own Baby Food

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's that time again when I need to find some time to stock up on some of the homemade baby food that I make for Kaelyn. Even though I don't have a lot of time during the day...it's still something that I really enjoy doing. I like knowing what she's eating and that it's not artificially flavored or full of preservatives of some kind. Even though it's a bit more time consuming that going out and buying jarred food....it's so worth it when it means giving Kaelyn the absolute best and most healthy foods. It's also a lot cheaper, which is great too! If you've never tried making your own baby food, definitely give it a whirl! It's easier than you may think, and a lot of fun actually! As long as you have the food and some sort of a blending machine...you're set!

First Time At The Pool!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, July 14, 2008

We had such a nice weekend...it went by way too quickly though! It's always nice when Scott is able to be home with us so we can do some things as a family!! Saturday he and I decided to take Kaelyn to the local pool for the first time. It's been something that we wanted to do for a while now...and are really happy that we finally found the time!! She had such a good time. The water was a little chilly, but she got used to it quickly. They had a zero entrance area for kids...and she enjoyed crawling around in the water there. She also liked walking along the chairs as well....always on the go no matter where we're at! It was such a nice time for us to spend as a family. We stayed for a couple hours and plan on going back again this summer hopefully! More info on our exciting trip to the zoo coming soon....

Multi-tasking Mom

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Isn't it funny the things you learn to do as a mom?? Before I had Kaelyn I never imagined that I could do laundry with one hand while holding her in the other. Even more...I could never imagine that I might water the flowers while holding her on my hip. It's amazing the strength we women have and the things we can do. I suppose this is called multi-tasking which many of us do on a daily basis. Learning to do more than one thing at a time is crucial in motherhood...this is definitely a lesson I'm learning with each day that passes!

Safer Baby Sunscreen and Bug Repellant

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Many of us have heard or believe that it's important to protect our skin from the sun when we can. But what some of us may not have considered is that many of these sunscreens that we put on ourselves and our children actually can cause problems of their own...birth defects and even cancers. The chemicals, like benzophenone, paba (in some), Parabens, and more, in many popular brands like Avon, Banana Boat, Neutrogena...even Aveeno...can have side effect when used.

As summer approaches I began thinking about this more and more . I want to find the best sunscreen for Kaelyn that will be as safe as possible for her skin and little body that are natural and fragrance free...and in my search I have found a few safer possibilities when it comes to sunscreens. I'm looking into California Baby (sunscreen and bug spray) and Lavera baby and children sunscreen.

What do you think? Do you have a suggestion for as safer baby sunscreen? I'd love to hear your thoughts and own experiences.

First Time At The Park

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We had such a nice weekend. Scott didn't have to work at all...so we were able to hang out with my family and just enjoy our time together. On Monday Scott did some work in the yard, but also made sure to spend some quality time with Kaelyn and I!! We had such a nice time together. It was so beautiful out that we decided to go to the park just down the road from our house. Kaelyn had never been to the park before, so it was a lot of fun being able to take her there for the first time. There were a lot of kids there and she enjoyed watching all of them as they played. We pushed her in one of those baby swings and also went down the slide with her a couple of times. She thought it was pretty neat! I'm looking forward to more nice days that we can all go to the park together again!!

One Great Mother's Day

Posted by Jenna | Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today was sure a special day!! It was my first "official" Mommy's Day, as last year I was only a few months pregnant at this time. My parents were up visiting for Kaelyn's dedication (I will update with pics tomorrow), which by the way was also a very special time and couldn't have happened on a better day!! It was great to get to spend time with them and spend Mother's Day with them too. Scott and my Dad made us lunch while we had the chance to relax a bit. It was GREAT!! I hope all Mom's out there had as terrific of a Mommy's Day as I did!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Great Baby Food Blender

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, May 10, 2008

When we were just beginning this baby food process...I searched high and low for reviews on "making your own baby food". I've written many times on the process I went through, as well as some of the things I found. One thing I have to mention though....is the importance of having a good blender. We've only been doing solid foods for about a month now, but I've already come to realize the importance of our blender. Before we started, I searched and found one called the Tribest PB-200 Personal Blender. It's much like other products on the market, but the reviews I read were much better! I got it, and I'm SOO glad that I did. So far, it's done a wonderful job at pureeing and grinding up the food that I've made for Kaelyn. It's powerful and so easy to use. Something that's convenient is important for any mom who is busy during the day, and that's probably what I like most about this blender. As time goes on, we'll be making more and more foods in there, so I'm glad that I have a quality machine to use. I would recommend any mom try it if they are looking to make their own baby food like I do.

Lessons in Motherhood: 5

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, April 24, 2008

Every now and then I enjoy sharing the lessons that I am continuing to learn in motherhood. Being a new mom, everything is...well...new to me. There are so many things that I have learned and continue to learn each and every day. One thing, which may seem like a "duh" statement to some is the importance of making sure to always have the video camera and digital camera next to me at all time...and making sure that their fully charged as well!

When possible, I am always making sure to try and catch everything on film. This is something that I have wanted to do from the beginning, but as Kaelyn learns to do more and more, it seems even more necessary to have it by my side at all times! It seems that one minute Kaelyn will be on the floor playing with her toys....and in the blink of an eye she is off learning to do something new. Recently that "something" was getting up on her hands and knees. Scott and I knew that this time would come sooner than later, as Kaelyn is a very curious little girl...always wanting to discover the environment around her. She has been scooting around and moving every which way except for forwards for a couple of months now. Soon, she will be moving in that direction though....as getting up on her hands and knees is a very good indication that crawling will be next. It was so cute to watch her as she did this for the firs time. It took so much effort for her to get to that point, and once she did her little face shined and she looked so proud of herself. I'm sure it helped that Scott and I were cheering and clapping...saying "YYEEAAHH Kaelyn!!":) I suppose you could see we're very proud parents!! ;)

Safe BPA Free Baby Products

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As with many other moms out there, I am always trying to make sure that the products I use with Kaelyn are safe. This started before she was even born. While I was pregnant I was always careful with the things I ate or surrounded myself with. As a baby it was the same way. I wanted to be careful what I used on her skin, or the things I ate...as I was, and still am breastfeeding. Now, she's almost 6 months old...which means solid foods are coming right around the corner! With that in mind, I have been searching high and low for quality products that are BPA Free, as well as homemade baby food recipes and tips....the things that I feel are great ways to give her a healthy start when it comes to eating solid foods. Finding the actual products was my first priority. So far, I have had a lot of luck finding great products that are reasonably priced and are safe for her to use. The Nuby brand has a lot of safe options for parents who are looking like I was. This is the brand that I probably purchased the most from.

It seems that these days we must research everything before using it, especially when it comes to the products that we use with our precious little ones. Up until now I have only breastfed my little girl...no bottles at all. I know at some point I may have the need for a bottle though, so today I began researching to find the best brand and kind to use. As I did some digging online, it came to my attention that there are some very interesting studies being done on the safety, or lack there of, when it comes to 95% of the plastic baby bottles that people use. Are you curious as to what I might be referring to?

It's been found that many popular brands of plastic baby bottles leak BPA when heated. This is a toxic chemical that is used to make the plastic. Everything I have read links BPA to things like obesity, certain cancers, diabetes and more. This is a chemical that is not healthy for any of us, but especially infants and children. There are many people switching from plastic bottles to glass bottles....a choice I'm strongly considering and one I urge you to think about as well.

Who Does Your Baby Look Like?

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ever since we had Kaelyn we hear so many people tell us who they think she looks like. It seems that my family tends to think she looks a lot like I did as a baby and Scott's family seems to think she looks a lot like him as a baby. When Scott and I look at her we see certain features that remind us of each one of us. We've held baby pictures up to her as I am sure many parents do when they have babies...it's just been such a fun thing to do.

Many people who are not family also like to give their opinions as well. It's fun to hear what people think outside of the family as well. I recently came across a really great tool on the My Heritage website that I thought could give it's "opinion" just for fun. It is called the Look alike Meter. I placed a picture of Scott, Myself and Kaelyn in the meter and based on the faces it detects who the child looks most like. I know this is not a scientific tool by any means, but it was still fun to see what it said as a result. After putting in our pictures I got the following result. I really thought it was neat that this tool came to the conclusion that Kaelyn looks like Scott and I equally!! I guess every body is right when they say that she looks like me and Scott!!

Words of Advice

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I haven't always been good to follow since having Kaelyn is "make sure to sleep when she sleeps". Kaelyn has been such a wonderful sleeper from the moment we brought her home from the hospital that I haven't had to do that too often. However, today I was absolutely exhausted. Between taking care of her, cleaning the house and having company here some of the day...I really needed a little down time to just relax. Almost four months old now, she is not sleeping during the day nearly as much, so at 12:30 when she laid down for her afternoon nap I decided it would be the perfect time to do the same. Wow, did it help! I woke up refreshed and ready for the rest of my day. It wasn't a long nap, but a much needed one at that. I feel I am a better wife and mother when I am rested and not running on empty. I may have to follow the advice of all of those smart people who told me to sleep when she sleeps more often.

The Mom Song

Posted by Jenna | Friday, February 15, 2008

I recently came across a very funny song, the "Mom Song" sung by Anita Renfroe. If you've never heard it, you definitely have to check it out...hilarious! She sings everything a mom says in a 24 hour period over 2 1/2 minutes! Anyone, whether you're a mother or not, will thoroughly enjoy this song...

Lessons in Motherhood 4: A Mother's Instinct

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A while back I wrote about the things I've researched and learned when it comes to babies and their naptime routine. I had learned so many tips in just the first few months of having Kaelyn and did my best to share them with other mothers who were wondering and going through the same things I was. Now, over 3 weeks later, I am still following those tips and very happy I hung in there!! Kaelyn is on more of a routine, one that she kind of just settled into on her own. I tried to keep things consistent each day...having feed time, wake time, and sleep time throughout the day in that order! At the very first sign of sleepiness, I lay her down in her crib and within 5 minutes she is out! It's a wonderful feeling to be getting into more of a routine...my baby is happier and so am I! I know there are so many different opinions on what's right and what's not when it comes to naptime routines, but I just wanted to share with you the experience that I've had and it's amazing results! I am enjoying the consistency of knowing when she will sleep, eat, play etc. It makes life much easier and more enjoyable!! You can read up on some of the tips and things that I have found useful by visiting a previous post I wrote last month.....Baby Naptime....Useful Tips.

With that said, I must say that I am not the type of mother who believes that you must have a strict, written in stone, type of schedule. I believe children need consistency, but think it's important to be flexible at the same time...especially when they're young like my daughter is. Most importantly I have learned that it's important to follow the motherly instinct that we all have. If you follow that, you'll be just fine!!

Homemade Taco Recipe

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There are a lot of great recipes that I grew up with...one of these that I just had to share is a homemade taco recipe that I ABSOLUTELY love!! Do you ever get tired of the store bought taco shells?! I know I do...that's why this recipe is GREAT! It calls for some ingredients like crisco which wouldn't be something you'd want to cook with all the time...but every once in a while it makes for a really yummy meal that the whole family will enjoy!

To make the taco shells you need to do the following:
Take a box of Hot Roll Mix and mix it like says on the box. Don't add the yeast in it, just throw that part out. Roll out into a circle on a floured cloth. Fold over and drop into hot grease (three sticks of crisco). Boil and turn mid way through.

To make the meat mixture you just brown up 2 pounds of hamburger, adding in a pealed and grated potato. Then drain the grease and add taco seasoning.

Serve with: taco sauce, cheese lettuce and anything else you like to eat on your tacos. Enjoy!!

Best Enchilada Recipe

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have a mom who really knows how to cook!! I grew up loving so many of her meals, and have enjoyed learning the recipes to each one of them now that I'm grown and have a family of my own. Sometimes I think there are just those family recipes that live on forever. Our family's Enchilada recipe is definitely one of those that has been, and always will be passed down from generation to generation. If you're ever in the mood to try something different, take a shot at this yummy recipe...I think you'll absolutely love it as much as my family and I have over the years!

1 can Old El Paso Mild Enchilada Sauce (15 oz)
1 can La Preferida Mild Enchilada Sauce (10 oz)
1 can Tomato Sauce (15 oz)
1 1/2 lbs hamburger
1 lg and 1 sm can of Old El Paso Refried Beans
Taco Sauce to taste
2 Cups of Bisquick
1/2 C Water

All you need to do is mix the two enchilada sauces and the tomato sauce together (this is the sauce). Then, brown the hamburger...drain it...and mix in the refried beans and taco sauce. Finally stir the bisquick and water together, rolling it out so it is easy to work with. Roll out tortillas that are of a size that you like and place them on a skillet. Wait until one side bubbles, then flip it over and count to 10. Then...Viola...you have a yummy tortilla to put your mixture in and cover with sauce! I really enjoy this recipe and I thought others out there might as well!!

Lessons in Motherhood: 3

Posted by Jenna | Sunday, January 27, 2008

Each month I try and write about a lesson in motherhood that I've learned and come to realize as important now that I am a stay at home mom. Although there are things I learn each and every day, that are crucial to me. This month it's a lesson learned about, and for myself. Remembering to take time for mom is key!

Over the past few months of being a mom I've learned so many things, but one thing I've learned that's so important to remember, is that it's important to take time for yourself. Having a baby is wonderful...I enjoy every day I get to spend with her. But sometimes it's nice just to take a moment for myself. Not only important, but crucial! Being a mother is the most important job in the world. I want to be my very best, and to do that I must take time for myself. Sometimes I just need to recharge my batteries. Whether it be taking a bath or reading my Bible, it's important to take time here and there for myself!

Although this is important, you may be saying...."But it's not an easy task to take time for yourself when you're trying to balance everything else that goes along with being a wife, a mother, and a homemaker, etc." This is true. It's not easy task, but something we truly need to work at. No matter how hectic life gets, even if you don't think you have the time, it's important to make the time. I'm not talking a whole day off or anything, just a half hour here and there.

I've learned how important this lesson really is. If you want to be the best mom that you can be, you must take time out for yourself. You deserve it!!

The Big Transition....

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, January 08, 2008

As I'm sure many other mom's would agree...it's a big transition moving your little one to their own room for the first time! Kaelyn is just over two months old now, so we knew it was getting to be that time when she had to go to her room and sleep in her crib, rather than in the bassinet that sits by our bed. It was really nice having her in our room, as it was very convenient to change her and feed her when she was still waking up frequently in the night. Now, however, she is getting older and sleeping through the night...what other reason do we have to keep her in our room other than mom feeling a bit of separation anxiety about the whole thing....and that's not a good reason.

We came to the conclusion that there is no reason why she cannot be sleeping in her own room and in her crib now...so this past Sunday night we began having her sleep in there. We wanted to wait until after the holidays were over with and our routine was back to normal. Both nights so far she's been sleeping through the night and actually wakes up happier....smiling and cooing as she looks at the mobile that hangs above her. She seems to really enjoy the change, and mom is adjusting. At first it just kept running through my mind that my little girl is in her own room all by herself. It was like I felt bad for her that she had to be in there by herself or something...I know, I know...call me odd. I'm beginning to adjust though and am glad that she took the transition so well.

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