Manhattan Toy MOTORWORKS Line ~ Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 28, 2013


From a very young age, my son Kaden has had an interest in cars. There's just something about the design and ability to "make it go fast" that he loves!  That's why I knew he'd be thrilled with the new MOTORWORKS line by Manhattan Toy

For ages 3 and up, Manhattan Toy has created a new line of wooden toy vehicles with a twist to make them interactive. They don't have lights, sounds, or batteries, but interchangeable parts to really get creativity flowing! Recently introduced at Toy Fair, MOTORWORKS is predicted to be a huge hit this year with both girls and boys who will love these customizable cars! 

Upon being introduced to the MOTORWORKS line, I was impressed with the variety offered right away! The MOTORWORKS Collection includes three different trim levels; the Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series. So no matter the style and preference of your child...Manhattan Toy has you covered!

With a little boy who LOVES cars, I was excited to find out we were going to have the opportunity to review a couple of cars and an accessory kit! I went with the STS Stealth Police Cruiser 1.0™ and GT Road Racer 1.0™ as well as the Police Pursuit wheels and trim accessory kit.

When our cars arrived, I was impressed with how they came packaged. I always appreciate a company who takes time in the way they present their products, and this time was no different! The MOTORWORKS vehicles came displayed very nicely, making them great for gift giving too! 

Out of the packaging, I continued to be impressed! These vehicles are beautifully detailed with a European beech wood body. I could tell right away that the quality was top-notch, which is something I appreciate as a parent knowing my kids will be playing with these a lot!
The accessory kit is sold separately and is a great way for kids to customize their vehicles even more! They allow them the possibilities of car decals, side pipes, and spoilers. How fun! Even as adults, my husband and I thought this was great!

Kaden was in awe of these cars from the beginning (so were my other two kids). There's something about their sleek design and cool look that made them his new favorite and something he didn't want to put down (he has even slept with them by his bed many nights!).

He really loved both cars, but I think the Stealth Police Cruiser caught his eye first. His Grandpa is a police officer, so he's very much into anything police related. That's why he got excited when I showed him the Police Pursuit wheels and trim accessory kit. He thought about putting it on his Police Cruiser, but instead decided to use it on the GT Road Racer so he could have TWO police cars! :)
I was amazed just how easily the interchangeable pieces snap into place. And the great thing is...they work across all three series. So the more cars we get in the future...the better! He'll just be able to customize them any way he wants! 

He and Kaelyn have had so much fun with both vehicles, racing them around the house and playing with his brother and sister. I absolutely love the quality and sleek look, as well as the unique customization options that really set them apart! It's been fun to see how far toy cars have come thanks to Manhattan Toy and their MOTORWORKS line! And with the initial vehicles priced from $13.99 to $29.99 (two-pack vehicle sets) and Accessories from custom car decals to monster wheels at just $4.99...the prices are very appealing to parents as well!
I also appreciate that there aren't sounds, batteries, etc. It's fun to see him use his imagination with the customization kits. There's something about simple that really attracts a child's attention and keeps them engaged in open-ended play for hours on end.

We were also sent the Tri-Level Super Garage with working elevator to review along with our cars as well!

  • Real working elevator that moves between floors by turning crank
  • Includes 30 repositionable decals to add realistic parking ramp features
  • 3 Levels with wooden ramps
When the Tri-Level Super Garage arrived, the kids had already had the opportunity to play with their cars for a few weeks. They were super surprised to see the garage and to find out that they could use it with their cars!

Out of the box I found that there was assembly required. In about 20-30 minutes I had it assembled thanks to the user-friendly instructions.
Once together, it was quite impressive to us all! It's large and offers many features that make it a child's dream for toy vehicles! My first impression was the quality. Just like the cars, this super garage is extremely durable and top-notch quality. It is something that will last many years, and for that I am thankful!

I also liked that it came with 30 repositionable decals that the kids and I could put on where we wanted to. It really brought the garage to life and makes it that much more fun to play with!
The kids absolutely love driving their cars up and down the ramps, parking in the parking spaces and of course, using the elevator/crank to take their cars to the different levels.

The following is a short video showing the Tri-Level Super Garage in action!

As you can probably tell, my kids have a blast with the super garage and their MOTORWORKS vehicles!! They could play with them hours on end and never get bored. It's fun to see their imaginations at work and all the ways they play with the vehicles both alone and with the Tri-Level Super Garage. Even my 1 year old enjoys playing with it when I'm around.

Overall, we've been thrilled with the MOTORWORKS Tri-Level Super Garage as well. The quality can't be beat, and the open-ended play and fun it provides is well worth the investment (retailing for $100)! I'm so happy to have this for the kids to play with, I know it will get a lot of use for many years to come!

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Curiosityville ~ Learning Website for Children #Curiosityville

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 28, 2013

**I wrote this post in partnership with TheMotherhood and Curiosityville. All opinions are my own.
Today children are becoming more and more involved with technology. All three of my kids (5, 3 and 18 months old) know how to use our electronic devices, including the computer.  I want to use technology for their benefit...helping them to learn and grow as they do different games and activities. That's why I'm always on the lookout for fun websites that make that possible. Thankfully, Curiosityville is just what we've been looking for, for our 5 year old daughter!
Curiosityville is a fantastic, research-based personalized learning website for young children and their families! They have received many awards and were created in partnership with National Geographic, John Hopkins University and others. 

Upon being introduced to Curiosityville for the first time, I visited their website and learned a lot about who they are and what they offer. It is a site that engages early elementary and pre-K kids in educational games of all kinds. As a parent of a 5 year old, I was really excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to test it out for ourselves.
Getting signed up couldn't have been easier. In just a couple of minutes we were all ready to go. One of Kaelyn's favorite parts right from the beginning is how she can choose from one of 5 characters to play and learn with. Her favorite is Jack the police officer. Each one offers a variety of educational activities for kids to do. They're fun, and each one turns learning into an great is that?! I LOVE it! So does she!

She has spent a lot of time playing and learning with the different friends in Curiosityville. It's neat to watch as she has fun and learns at the same time without even knowing it. When I got her signed up, I put in her age and interests...and have found the activities to be perfect for her level. With everything from matching to recognizing uppercase, lowercase and even typing simple sight's right up her alley! 

One of her favorites is the matching sketch game!
This is truly a site that moms like me have been looking for. I appreciate that it has come to my attention just in time for summer now that Kaelyn is done with school. I want to help to encourage her with educational games and activities so that she is having fun, but still learning over these summer months and beyond. 
We've had a lot of fun with the characters in Curiosityville so far, and I know will continue as we use our subscription more and more. Not only do I appreciate the educational aspect, but my favorite feature is that parents can actually monitor their child's progress and learn about their learning styles. It even gives parents real-time progress reports and expert advice! 
I have learned a lot from monitoring Kaelyn's progress. It's allowed me to see what she's interested in and has even given me ideas on things we can do together at home based on her learning. Curiosityville has been great and I'm excited to watch as Kaelyn learns more and more with it. It really cultivates creativity and I would definitely recommend it to all families with young children! 

Learning Resources Magnetic Time Tracker ~ Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 28, 2013

**The product for this review/giveaway was provided by Learning Resources. All opinions are my own.

As a teacher, I used to find it helpful to have a timer on hand to help keep order in my classroom. The kids had a schedule, so they knew what came next and the timer helped with transitions. I appreciated the structure and so did they. Even though I am now a stay at home mom and not teaching, a timer is something that comes in handy with my kids at home...just as it did my students. That's why I'm thankful for Learning Resources!

The leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms and learning toys for the home, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for educators and parents for more than 25 years! With a diverse product line of over 1300 products focusing on everything from mathematics, science, early childhood, reading,'s no wonder Learning Resources is a name known around the world.

As many of you already know, I am a big fan of Learning Resources. I was introduced to this fantastic company when I was teaching, and have been using and buying their products ever since! I have had teh opportunity to work with Learning Resources on several reviews in the past and was happy to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review another of their great products.

I was sent their Magnetic Time Tracker for review!

  • Features clear, 3 color lighted display and simple-to-program alarms (1 second to 24 hours)
  • Adheres to any magnetic surface
  • Alarms can be visual, audio or both
  • Flip-out stand for tabletop use
  • Measure 7"L x 5"H x 1.5"W
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and 3 LR44 button-cell batteries (included)
 When our Magnetic Time Tracker arrived, I was excited to check it out.

The size is just perfect and my favorite feature right away, was the fact that it's magnetic and adheres to any magnetic surface! Once I had the batteries in, we were ready to use it! A timer comes in most handy for us when the kids are picking up their rooms and playroom. These are all in the lower level of our home, and I have been needing to find a good place to put a timer for a while now. We didn't really have anywhere I could set it that the kids wouldn't mess with it...that is, until we were introduced to this wonderful magnetic timer from Learning Resources!
A while back I put a new oil drip pan up on the wall so the kids could use their magnets on it in the playroom. It's perfect (especially since our refrigerator is stainless steel and not magnetic). They love it! They can't reach the top, so it's the ideal place to keep the timer. This is where the timer comes in the most handy anyways, so I was happy to have found a great place for it that the kids wouldn't mess with it in between uses. YAY!

And, even if you don't have a magnetic surface to put it on, it does have a flip-out stand for tabletop use as well!

Aside from being magnetic, I love that this timer is easy to use! After reading through the included instructions, we tested it out! First I set the clock, then set the timer. To do this, I had to press enter, then set - then simply set the length of time I wanted the green light to be on the timer for. After setting this, the word Alert came up, which allowed me to set a time frame for the yellow light to come on so it would alert the kids that they had 5 minutes left to pick up before dinner. I even had the choice whether I wanted sound or not!

I love the "alert" setting because it's a great reminder for the kids to clean up and how much time they have left before it needs to be done. I used to just give them verbal cues, but this is much easier!

Once the time is up, the red light comes on. And, if sound is chosen, there's even an audible countdown the last 5 seconds and an alarm that goes off at the end.

It's really that simple to use! It's easy to change the time if I want it longer or shorter, and I love that I can adjust the volume and sounds as needed too. The kids love it also. It helps to keep them on task and is something they actually ask for me to use. They enjoy using it to help encourage them to see how quickly they can clean up or come upstairs for dinner.  We've already used it several times and have found it to be a fun and useful product for families with little ones.
Whether this timer is used at home, or in the classroom...I can definitely see how it would be useful to teachers and parents alike. It's a great size, wonderful quality, and couldn't be easier to use. I've enjoyed having it to use, and know that as the kids get older and are busy with homework, will continue to be used.

Buy It: You can purchase the Magnetic Time Tracker for $29.99.

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**The product for this review/giveaway was provided by American Blanket Company. All opinions are my own. 
Whether you're buying a blanket for your own baby, or a friend's shower gift, it's an important purchase. You want to buy something that is stylish for mom, soft and comfortable for baby, and offers the highest of quality to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that's not always easy to find. That is, until now thanks to the American Blanket Company

The American Blanket Company offers a variety of baby blankets, all American-made with luxurious, quality fabric that are guaranteed for life! They can even be customized with a baby's name or date of birth. How neat is that?! And, for those giving a blanket as a gift, you can choose from a variety of colors and pattern, not to mention the fact that the American Blanket Company gift wraps every shipment making it hassle free and ready to give when you receive it in the mail!! Talk about making it easy for busy moms. I love it!

When I was first introduced to the American Blanket Company, I headed over to their website to check out the most luxurious fabric, Luster Loft and the available colors. I was impressed to learn just how soft they are, as well as the nice size!  There are also new Luster Loft blankets with patterns in color choices of blue, light pink, dark pink, and purple!
After learning more about the American Blanket Company and their super soft, plush baby blankets...I was thrilled to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review one!

I was sent the Hand-Stitched Gardenia Quilt in the Monotone Cotton Color for review.
  • size 26"x34"
  • graceful, elegant circle pattern
  • two layers of luster loft fabric
  • supremely soft to the touch
  • non shedding, non pilling
  • feather soft quilting
  • made in USA
  • easy care, machine wash and dry
When the Gardenia Quilt arrived, I was already impressed with the way it came packaged. It arrived in a an American Blanket Company signature box, finished with a beautiful ribbon. I love when companies go above and beyond and the American Blanket Company really did. They show that they care about their customers, and make it very easy for gift-giving too!

Of course, I couldn't wait to check out the blanket itself. Upon opening the box I was thrilled! This baby blanket has two layers of their signature Luster Loft fabric hand-stitched together and it creates the most snuggly, soft and plush quilt for little ones. It is seriously the highest quality, softest baby blanket I have come across! My pictures do not do justice to just how soft these blankets are...I love it!!
I can tell the quality of this blanket is top-notch and will last a very long time! I also appreciate that it is non-shedding and easy to care for (If it ever sheds or pills, just send it back and they will replace it for free!) With little ones, blankets get washed a lot, so having something that can easily be washed and dried is a huge plus!

What drew me to this blanket right away was the unique pattern and design. I love the circle design. It lends a soft and graceful look that makes this quilt perfect for a girl or a boy. The size is great too!
Overall I've been very impressed with the Gardenia Quilt from American Blanket Company! Whether it's used for afternoon naps, playtime on the floor or is super soft and cozy, and something I know will be used for years to come.  
Buy It: You can purchase the Gardenia Quilt for $69 from American Blanket Company!

Win It: I'm so excited that American Blanket Company has offered one lucky reader one of their baby blankets as well! The winner will choose from an embroidered customized Luster Loft blanket or one of the new patterned blankets (which aren't typically embroidered due to the pattern) . To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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Memorial Day News from #SwimSteps

Posted by Jenna | Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day is a day many of us make plans to be with family and spend the holiday outdoors. As a Swimways ambassador, I have some exciting news to share with you for all your outdoor, water-fun activities!

First, Holiday Safety Tips from Mario Vittone. As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, water safety should remain in the minds of families as they head out to the lake, pool or even backyard barbecue. Mario Vittone recommends that families read the National Drowning Prevention Alliance's Pool Safety Tips before heading out this holiday weekend. 

Also, Swimways is excited to offer customers a coupon for $3 off any Spring float item. This coupon includes the Baby Spring Float from the Swim Steps line! YAY!  Check out the coupon, here.

Finally, As summer months begin, we hope you will join in the learn-to-swim conversation by using the following hashtag #SwimSteps.

Stay tuned for more info on Swimways and great products for summer water fun!

Swimming Lessons Means Summer Is Coming

Posted by Erin K. | Friday, May 24, 2013

It's that time of year when everyone with kids starts talking about swimming lessons!  At least where I live, this seems to be the hot topic lately.  Are you going to do them?  What age is the best to start?  Is it really worth the money spent?

I haven't signed my 16 month old Cameron up for lessons yet, but I have been taking him to a local pool and actually trying out some of the tips and tricks that my friends whose kids are in classes have passed along to me.  I'd like to teach him how to float on his back, roll over and swim towards a wall for safety reasons.

My friend whose son is in the Baby Seals class shared with me that, "80% of teaching a toddler to swim is being mean to them," by dunking them and allowing them to learn by doing.  I suppose this is why many parents opt to have someone else teach their children how to swim versus teaching it themselves.

With swimming lessons on the horizon, summer can't be too far off!  Have you started considering swimming lessons for this summer?  What other summer activities are you looking forward to?

Li'l Helper Baby Bottle Holder ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Friday, May 24, 2013

**The product for this review was provided for free. However, all opinions are my own.

Having a baby is one of life's greatest blessings! I absolutely love those first weeks and months...snuggling, getting to know one another and watching them learn new things every day! As all mom's know, it's a fun time, and busy too! Between lots of laundry, caring for other children, playing and of course feeding...the days fly by! That's why I, like most moms, appreciate any help I can get to make the days run more smoothly.

The perfect helper for parents (especially those with multiple babies!), the Li'l Helper provides an interactive and enjoyable feeding experience for both babies and parents! Whether you're at home or on the go, this baby bottle holder encourages babies' natural gripping tendencies and natural nursing posture, while giving parents a helping hand.
I happily said yes when asked if I'd like to check one out and share about the Li'l Helper with all of you!

  • BPA Free
  • Fits most bottle sizes 
  • Contains a rattle 
  • Matches natural nursing posture
  • Encourages development
  • Frees parents to multitask
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Travels anwhere
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for growing families
When our Li'l Helper arrived, I was impressed with the size right away. It's made to fit most bottles and the perfect size for little hands to hold onto and grasp.

The quality seems great and I appreciate the fact that it's so easy to clean and dishwasher safe as well! Makes a day in the life of a busy mom run that much more smooth which is great!
Using the Li'l Helper is simple! Simply place the bottle through the circular opening, place on the baby's chest for a perfect feeding angle while support baby's natural grasp reflex. It's lightweight and a great way to encourage baby's development. It even includes an adorable little rattle to keep babies amused!

You can watch the following short video to see just how easy it is to use.

I love that it's easy to take on the go and can travel anywhere. I can see parents of multiples especially appreciating this! Of course baby should never be left unattended while using this product, and it's not to replace those who nurse...just designed to give moms that extra helping hand from time to time. I think it's a great product and one I'll recommend to those with babies who use a bottle.

If you're looking for a helping hand when it comes to bottle feeding your baby, you can check out the Li'l Helper Baby Bottle Holder at!

Buy It: The Li'l Helper retails for $17.99.
When you’re planning a vacation, you’ve got the basics covered. You know where you’re going, how you plan to get there, where you’ll stay and what you’ll do when you arrive. You might even make reservations for special meals or experiences.
But do you have a plan if things go awry? An unexpected illness or injury or a serious weather event can derail even the most carefully planned getaway, and lead to significant unplanned expenses. For that reason, it’s important to add the cost of travel insurance to your vacation budget to help cover emergency medical care or expenses incurred when your travel plans change.

Types of Travel Insurance

In general, travel insurance generally covers either medical expenses or trip interruption; some policies bundle them together in a comprehensive policy.
While your Canadian health insurance is good anywhere in Canada, when you leave the country, chances are your illnesses or injury won’t be covered. Some provincial policies might cover a limited portion of expenses incurred out of the country, but in most cases, you’re on your own. Coupled with the fact that in some parts of the world doctors can refuse treatment to patients who do not have insurance or the means to pay their bills, it’s vital you purchase a travel health insurance plan to cover any emergency treatments while you’re away from home, especially if you’re being treated for a chronic condition.
Health travel insurance is different than trip interruption or cancellation insurance. The former is only to cover medical expenses, while the latter pays at least a portion of the expenses when your trip runs into an unexpected snag. For example, if something happens at home and you need to end your trip sooner than expected, a trip interruption policy will cover your expenses, including reimbursing any portion of your trip that was prepaid. Trip interruption and cancellation policies generally come with significant restrictions regarding how and when claims can be made; in order to be reimbursed or make a claim, you’ll have to provide proof that you meet the conditions of the policy.

Purchasing Travel Insurance

In general when make travel purchases, whether you buy cheap vacation packages or book each leg of your trip individually, you’ll have the opportunity to add on travel insurance. You can also acquire coverage via a travel agent, an insurance broker and in some cases, through your employer or your credit card issuer. 
Before you buy the policy, carefully review the coverage options to ensure that you’re getting the coverage you need. A non-medical or cancellation-and-interruption plan is not going to cover medical expenses, while a medical-only plan won’t help you if the airline loses your bags. You should also check the plan’s coverage limits and whether you’ll be required to pay a deductible on any claims. Few insurance policies offer 100 percent coverage and those that do tend to cost more upfront.
You’ll also want to look into restrictions regarding pre-existing conditions when comparing medical policies. Some policies won’t cover treatment if your ailment is a result of a pre-existing condition like diabetes. If you do have a condition, be honest when purchasing your policy. You might have to pay a bit more, but you won’t face a denied claim if you do need to seek treatment.

Special Considerations

While travel insurance offers peace of mind, it’s not a license to go all out and take unnecessary risks. In fact, some policies limit coverage for accidents or illnesses that stem from extreme activities like rock climbing or bungee jumping or drug and alcohol use. Many Canadian policies also limit coverage in certain countries or regions. If a travel advisory is issued for your destination after you purchase coverage, that’s usually grounds for making a cancellation claim. If you choose to go anyway, chances are your insurance coverage will be voided. 
Many people head out on vacation thinking that they are covered by their existing health insurance or the coverage offered by their credit cards, and in most cases, it’s never even an issue. If something goes wrong while you’re away though, realizing that you have to cover all of your own expenses is an unpleasant, and possibly expensive, surprise. Avoid it by spending a few extra dollars for insurance coverage.
About the Author: Jamie Jackson is an insurance broker who offers advice, tips and information about various types of coverage on her popular blog. She knows about the benefits of travel insurance firsthand, having used a policy when her Caribbean vacation was interrupted by a hurricane.

Quinny Yezz Stroller ~ Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 21, 2013

**The product for this giveaway was provided by Quinny. All opinions are my own.

Although there are many baby items I'd consider to be must-haves for new moms, a good quality, lightweight stroller is at the top of my list! Why?! Because a stroller is something that you'll not only use when your little ones are babies, but also when they're older. There are times we still use one with Kaelyn who is 5 when there's a lot of walking involved.

I always enjoy learning of new strollers that fit this criteria, not only for myself, but also to share about with other moms I know. That's why I was excited when introduced to the Quinny Yezz!
 Just in time for Summer trips, the Yezz is the ideal stroller for traveling with little ones. Not only is it easy to take on the go due to its compact size, but its light-weight frame of 11 lbs make it easy to take on the go as well. In fact, the Yezz can actually be slung over the shoulder with a carrying strap when it's folded. I don't know about you, but I can think of a lot of times this would come in very handy, especially over the summer months.

Here are some of the main features of the Quinny Yezz stroller:

  • Approximately 11 lbs
  • Ultra compact quick fold
  • Stands when folded, includes adjustable carry strap
  • Frame is made of IXEF material, a high performance injection molded composite fiber - which allows it to be lightweight, yet durable.
  • Interchangeable seats to allow parents to change the fashion 
  • Available Accessories: WeatherShield 
  • SRP $279
The Quinny Yezz took over Manhattan this past Sunday. 400 lucky Big Apple Moms lined the streets of Manhattan to receive a free Yezz stroller. Some Quinny fans even braved the rain to line up as early as 2 AM at locations like Giggle, Albee Baby, and more! How fun is that?!

But wait! It gets better....

WIN IT: Quinny is excited to offer one very lucky A Mom's Balancing Act reader with a new Yezz stroller of their own! To enter, simple enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.
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I'm a Delta Faucet Mom Ambassador!! #WomansIn2ition

Posted by Jenna | Monday, May 20, 2013

**I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As a busy mom of three, I find one of my favorite things to do after a long day of taking care of the kids, fixing meals and cleaning the house is to take a shower. It's a quiet place for me to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet without interruption. After my shower usually comes shower time for each of my kids (yes, they prefer showers over baths). It has been my dream to have a showerhead that would not only give me the relaxing shower I need at the end of a long day, but also one that makes shower time for my kids more convenient.

That's why I was thrilled when selected to be a Delta Faucet Mom Ambassador and given the opportunity to review one of the Delta In2ition Shower Heads to review!
shower heads, hand held & dual showerheads in2ution by Delta Faucet

When my Delta In2ition Showerhead arrived, I couldn't wait to have my hubby help me install it so I could try it out. Thankfully, installation was a breeze, which I will discuss more in a following post. Once it was up and ready to use, I stood back and amazed with it's beauty! Just look at it!
I love it! It goes extremely well with the other fixtures and decor in our bathroom, and suits our taste perfectly. I really appreciate the sleek, modern design and stainless steel finish! Of course, after checking out how it looked, I couldn't wait to see how it worked! Here's a quick video I took that explains some of the key features I absolutely love about this shower head.

As you can see, the Delta In2ition shower is unique, in that it's a two-in-one shower system that features a showerhead and handheld shower in one. The removeable handshower can run separately or simultaneously from the showerhead. There's a handy lever positioned on the side of the showerhead that lets the user set the In2ition shower to one of three options: showerhead and handshower, showerhead only or handshower only.
There's also a button which controls the flow of the water as well. It allows me to choose from a more relaxing, gentle flow to one that is stronger and more invigorating. I love having this option! Depending on my mood adn the kind of day I have had, there are times when I prefer a more gentle spray, while other times I prefer that it be stronger!
And, a feature I forgot to mention in the video is that this particular In2ition Showerhead offers H2OKinetic technology. This basically means that it has an internal system that controls the speed, movement and droplet size of the water coming out of the showerhead. It makes the water feel more powerful and like there's more coming out without actually using more water. How neat is that? 

One of my favorite features is by far the detachable handshower! There's a flexible 60 inch hose (which stretches to 82 inches) that makes it super easy to now give my kids showers. It's so convenient to rinse them off, not to mention cleaning my shower! I no longer have to move around the shower head, but can simply grab the handshower and rinse down my shower much easier and more quickly. YAY for making this busy mama's life a little easier! The handheld shower detaches easily, and goes back into place easily and securely too.
Overall we've been really happy with the Delta In2ition Showerhead! It's extremely well-made, eye-catching...and best of all, it offers many features I've been looking for. It gives me the relaxing shower I need after a long, busy day...while still offering the convenience of making it easy to shower my kids as well! It really is a perfect multitasking tool for busy moms and families.

Over the coming months I will be testing out our Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Shower Arm Mounted Shower Head and sharing with you some of my favorite features along the way! Stay tuned...

You can learn more about Delta at Also be sure to connect with Delta on Twitter and Facebook.

Elmer's School Glue Naturals ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Monday, May 20, 2013

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consultingfor Elmer's. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As a mom of three small children, and a former Pre-K teacher, arts and crafts activities are one of my favorite things to do with my kids! There's just something about watching them use their imaginations as they create and learn that brings a smile to my face every time. Since we do various projects frequently, I try to keep the necessities on of those being glue! A bottle or stick of glue has proven to be a must-have item for almost everything we create. That's why I was excited to learn about the all new School Glue Naturals from Elmer's

Elmer's, the makers of America's favorite school glue, understands the demand for natural adhesive products from eco-conscious parents and teachers. That's why they're proud to announce Elmer's School Glue Naturals, the FIRST and ONLY school glue made with naturally occurring ingredients (specifically corn and soybeans) and available in recycled packaging in pourable and glue stick form.

I appreciate that Elmer's is offering a natural-based glue option for parents and teachers and was excited that we were given the opportunity to test it out! 
When our Elmer's School Glue Naturals pourable glue and glue sticks arrived, the kids were begging to do an activity. As I mentioned, I love to do projects with my kids and typically try to tie it into something they're learning in school or we're learning at home. When the Elmer's glue arrived, we had been talking a lot about Spring and the different things we see during this time of year. I decided to do a couple of fun projects with the kids to spark their creativity and encourage some learning at the same time. 

Kaden loves colors and learning more about them. Lately he has been particularly interested in rainbows, and with Spring and rainy weather upon us...I thought it was the perfect time to do a fun rainbow craft. We cut up some colored paper (except purple, he wanted to color that one himself), a cloud shape and got out glue and cotton balls ready.

Kaden first used the Elmer's School Glue Naturals to glue each of the color strips along the bottom of the cloud shape (this was his rainbow!). He then used the pourable glue for the larger cloud shape to glue on his cotton balls. 

I was amazed, and happy to see that the Elmer's School Glue Naturals pourable glue and glue sticks are just as strong and washable as Elmer's traditional School glue. They can be used on any project that you would typically use Elmer's traditional School Glue on! 
His rainbow project has held up great and he enjoyed using the new glue. The glue sticks seemed very comparable to other Elmer's glue sticks we've used and these were probably Kaden's favorite to use. The pourable Elmer's School Glue Natural is also fantastic quality. It is a bit thicker than Elmer's traditional white School Glue and seems more gel-like. At first it was a little more difficult for Kaden to squeeze out, as he's used to the white glue pouring out. He has started to get the hang of it though as we use it more. I for one appreciate that it doesn't flow out as quickly, so then we're not wasting any glue! 

Kaelyn has shown an interest in all of the flowers we've planted this Spring season and wanted to make a flower craft. She enjoys tracing her hands and cutting them out, so we decided to make a flower picture with her hands. 

She began by tracing her hands three times, then cutting them out along with a flower pot, stem, and two leaves. Since there were smaller surfaces to glue, she used the glue sticks for even coverage and it worked perfectly! 

Her flower picture turned out great and has stayed glued down with no problems at all! 
After using this several times with the kids so far, I can tell you that Elmer's School Glue Naturals is just as strong and washable as Elmer's traditional School Glue. I also appreciate that it's just as safe and non-toxic, with the benefit of being made with naturally occuring ingredients and in recycled packaging! 

I would definitely purchase Elmer's School Glue Naturals in the future to use with my kids. And, if I were still teaching would gladly use them in my classroom as well!

You can connect with Elmer's on Facebook and Twitter as well. You can also learn more about their Elmer's "Pin to Win" Sweepstakes, here.
Buy It: Elmer's School Glue Naturals is available in a single 4 0z. pourable bottle ($3.29 RV), single 22g glue stick or 6g glue sticks sold in two packs ($3.29 RV), and in a 30 pack case ($16.99 RV). You can purchase Elmer's School Glue Naturals nationwide in JoAnn Fabric stores, Michaels stores, and more.

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