Holiday Gift Guide 2013: H20 Mop X5 5 in 1 Steam Cleaner {Review}

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, December 18, 2013

**The product for this review was provided at no cost to me. However, all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Although I wouldn't consider myself a "clean freak", having my floors spotless is one thing I'm particular about. With three little ones playing and laying on the floors on a daily basis, it's important to me that I keep my floors free of dirt. I am always looking for ways to make this job, and other cleaning tasks, easier. As a busy mom I want to spend less time cleaning and more time with my family. Thankfully, I have found the answer with the H20 Mop X5 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner!

If you're not familiar with it, the H20 Mop X5 5-in-1 Steamer is designed to clean and make all the surfaces in your home sparkle without the use of harsh chemicals. In seconds, the powerful H20 Mop X5 steamer converts ordinary water into steam to clean everything from the floors and carpets to counters, toilets and even windows! 

When I first learned about this product, I was impressed with the fact that it was a 5-in-1 cleaning machine. I love when products make my cleaning jobs easier and more convenient, as well as allow me to clean without harsh chemicals. The H20 Mop X5 makes all of that possible, and I couldn't have been happier to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review one!

  • Variable steam
  • Filter free design
  • Lightweight (less than 5 lbs)
  • Comes with window cleaning tool, jet nozzle, extension hose, round nylon brush x2, glider, window cleaning coral cloth x2, microfiber cloth for mop head x2, elite short steam lazer, coral cloth for mop head, strap for hand held steamer
  • Works as a floor cleaner, hand held steamer, window cleaner, carpet cleaner, and garment cleaner
When our H20 Mop X5 arrived, I was excited to test it out. Our floors were due for a good cleaning, as they are by the end of every we got everything out of the box. I was impressed with all the different accessories that came with it! I love that it's one product made to do several different jobs, making this busy momma's life a lot easier!

The steam mop did require some minor assembly, but thankfully came with a very user-friendly manual that made the process of getting it put together quick and easy!

The handle and mop head snap onto the main body. Once we had everything in place, we simply turned the water tank cap to the open position and added the water with a cup. 

We then selected one of the steam regulator positions. There are four of them: Low Steam, Medium Steam, High Steam and Hot Spray. The low steam is for sensitive surfaces like garments and sealed hardwood/laminate. The medium steam is for light cleaning of plastics, granite, tiles, windows/mirrors, etc. The high steam is used for tougher stains on carpets, door mats and stainless steel. And, the hot spray is for scrubbing of concrete, toilets, sinks, and more! 

We use the Medium Steam and Hot Spray most often. I appreciate that there are different levels to choose from depending what surface and type of cleaning job we're doing. Just another feature that makes this steam mop so versatile! 

Before getting started we also attached the Microfiber Cloth to the mop head. It has fastening strips which grip right to the bottom of the mop head. 

In no time we were set up and ready to clean the floors. The super hot steam helps to loosen dirt and grime, while the microfiber pad lifts and locks the mess in. In using it on our hard floors, we have found that it does a very good job of getting things cleaned. Not only do the floors look great, but the pad is dirty and gross looking after using it so I know it's cleaning well! 

When we use this steam mop, we use it on a large space as we have a lot of hard floors on our main level. Given the large space, we find that the cord is a bit short to reach everywhere we need it to without having to be unplugged and plugged back in. This really hasn't bothered us though, as it's easy to do and doesn't take much time to find a closer outlet.  

The mop is very easy to use and maneuver. It's lightweight weighing under 5 lbs, even when full! It's powerful and makes the job of cleaning floors not as dreaded as it once was! It goes quickly and in no time our floors are sparkling clean!

We've also used this on our carpet with good results! We simply put the carpet glider on the mop head and glide over our carpets. It helps to remove stains and spot cleans when necessary. With this, I don't think we'll ever have to rent a carpet cleaner again. It has worked great on some stubborn dirty spots we had on our carpet! 

Of course, a floor cleaner is just one use for this H20 Mop X5! With the click of two buttons, the H20 Mop X5 steamer transforms into a handheld steamer. It comes with the jet nozzle and nylon brush which attach where the mop head goes. Now I can be more green in my cleaning by using steam and not chemical products. I can use it to clean the sinks, toilets, and hard to reach spaces!

We've also used the Elite Short Steam Lazer which blasts away dirt in hard-to-reach areas with precision laser focus. I especially like this for under our kitchen cupboards where dirt and dust hide. It's not always easy to get this area clean, but now it's a piece of cake!

I love that this product is also a window cleaner. This is a job I do not care for, but the H20 Mop X5 makes it easy! I simply attach the extra long extension hose that came with it as well as the window cleaning tool and window cleaning cloth and we're ready to go! It's great for windows, glass and mirrors and doesn't seem to leave streaks like traditional cleaners do!

The fifth use for this steamer was the one that really impressed me! This steam mop can be transformed into a garment steamer! There's a garment steaming cloth that goes over the window cleaning tool. I think this will especially come in handy for curtains and draperies! 

Overall we've been very impressed with the H20 Mop X5! It's incredibly easy to use and very versatile. I love that it helps me get many jobs done easily, without having to have five different products to do them! The H20 Mop has worked with great results for us and gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm cleaning with steam and not harsh chemicals!

I would recommend checking the H20 Mop X5 out to anyone looking to make cleaning tasks easier. It would make a fantastic gift idea as well!

For more information on the steamer and where to buy, you can visit the H20 Mop X5 website!

You can also connect on their blog and Facebook

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: PinkBlush Maternity Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, December 17, 2013

**The product for this review was provided by PinkBlush. All opinions are my own.

Each time I was pregnant, I dreaded shopping for maternity clothes. Not only are many of them boxy and boring, but they are also expensive. For clothing that you only wear for a matter of months, I never felt comfortable with spending so much! That's why I'm happy there are companies like PinkBlush Maternity for expecting moms!

PinkBlush Maternity is dedicated to bringing customers cute and trendy maternity clothes at low, low prices! They pride themselves on having a wide selection of unique maternity styles that suit all tastes and needs. 

As I browsed the PinkBlush Maternity website, I enjoyed looking through their adorable selection of stylish maternity clothing! I also love their great prices. By selling exclusively on the internet, they are able to maintain very low operating costs which are passed to customers by offering 15-30% off many of competitors. 

I also noticed that many of their cute clothes could easily be worn both during pregnancy and afterward! I love this because getting the most use out of clothing is something I appreciate. 

I was excited when given the opportunity to review an item from PinkBlush Maternity and share about their quality selection with all of you. I was sent the Navy Blue White Striped Cardigan.

When it arrived, I was first impressed with the fact that it appeared just as it does online. There were no surprises and it was just as cute as I expected. The quality is also great. It's a nice lightweight material that is great for layering. 

Like anyone, I like to be stylish when I'm pregnant, and I thought this was a very cute top that didn't look like a boxy maternity shirt at all! Although I am not currently pregnant, I can see where it would be perfect for a growing belly or worn after pregnancy as well. It is even noted on the website that this is an item good for after pregnancy. YAY!

I really like how this fits too. I got the size I typically wear in clothing and would say that it is very true to size. I love that it's not fitted, but still flattering. It's also something that versatile and can be worn with many different outfits and easily dressed up or down.

Whether I'm pregnant or not, I can see this being a shirt that is worn a lot! 

If you're looking for cute and trendy maternity clothes that you can feel great wearing both during pregnancy and even after, I would definitely recommend checking out PinkBlush Maternity. It would also make a great gift idea!

Buy It: You can purchase the Navy Blue White Striped Cardigan for $28.99.

You can also connect with PinkBlush Maternity on Facebook and Twitter

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Keter Glenwood 101 Gallon Deck Box {Review}

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, December 17, 2013

**This product was provided at no cost to me. All opinions are my own.

Christmas is nearing and many of us are still looking for the perfect gift for our friends and family! I typically have no problem shopping for the children and women in my life, but men are a little bit harder. Even when it comes to my husband, I often have to put more thought into what he might like and be able to use. 

A couple of months ago he mentioned that one of the things he wants to put some time into is getting the garage and backyard/deck organized. We have a third garage stall that is not only housing all of his tools, lawn mower and snow blower, but also all of the kids toys! That's when I was contacted by Keter and asked if I'd like to review the Keter Glenwood 101 Gallon Deck Box. This is exactly the type of outdoor storage we've been needing and a fantastic gift idea and addition to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


  • Seats Two Comfortably
  • Automatic Opening Mechanism
  • Ideal for large cushions, garden tools and toys
When the deck box arrived, I was excited to get it put together! There were several pieces and parts which had me wondering just how long and hard it would be to set up. Thankfully, there were user-friendly instructions included and it took no time at all! 

Once it was set up, I was extremely happy with the large size. Measuring 128 cm W x 65 cm D x 61 cm H, this deck box is made to hold a lot of items! YAY for outdoor storage and organization! 

I was also thrilled with the look and design of this attractive piece. Although now we have it in our garage because of snow, this spring we will put it on our deck and I appreciate that it's not an eye sore. It will fit in nicely with the color of our house, deck and outdoor furniture! 

It's also durable and something I can tell will hold up well. It's even made to seat two adults comfortably!  

I look forward to keeping all of our pool toys and supplies in the deck box this summer. It is such a nice size and will hold everything we have and more! Currently we are keeping many of the kids' toys in it and it has helped organize our garage a lot. 

One other feature I really like is the automatic opening mechanism. It keeps the lid open which is convenient when we're trying to take things out and put them in.

There's also a place for a lock if we want too!

If you're looking for a unique gift idea for someone in your life this Christmas, I would recommend the Keter Glenwood Deck Box. It's very well-made, attractive looking and best of all, is made to hold a lot of items discreetly. I love having it in our garage and can't wait to set it on our deck once the weather gets warmer!! 

Buy It: You can purchase the Keter Glenwood 101 Gallon Deck Box for $99 at

You can also connect with Keter on Facebook and Twitter

Dr. Fischer Products {Review & Giveaway}

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, December 17, 2013

**I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received DrFischer products to facilitate my review.

As a mom of little ones, I'm always looking for the best products out there to use on their skin. I want it to be gentle and safe. I'm always looking for high quality products to try, and was thankful when introduced to Fischer Pharmaceuticals

Fischer Pharmaceuticals is one of the most beloved brands in Israel. They're a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced health care preparations in the fields of dermatology, opthalmology, and nutraceuticals and have now made their debut in the US!

I was excited when asked to review a variety of dermatologist-recommended Dr. Fischer skin care products for both my little one and myself! 

We received the following products for review:
  • Dr. Fischer Eye-Care for Baby
  • Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Soapless Soap for Baby
  • Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes
  • Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil
  • Dr. Fischer Eye-Care for Adults
  • A limited edition Dr. Fischer Mommy Bag
When the products arrived, I was eager to start testing them out! I checked out the cool canvas mommy bag first. It is high quality and has lots of room for necessities when it comes to being on the go with little ones. 

When it came to the products, I first tried out the Dr. Fischer Eye-Care for Adults. I have sensitive skin and don't like to use anything harsh, especially on my face. That's why I was excited to try these cleansing wipes, which are rinse-free and super easy to use. 

The wipes come individually wrapped, so I simply take out a towelette and thoroughly, but gently, cleanse my eyelids and lashes daily to cleanse the eye area of ocular secretions, scales and make-up. 

This product is tested and recommended by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and I can see why. In using it I have found that they are very gentle on my skin with the soothing chamomile extract. They are also preservative free and hypoallergenic as well! I appreciate that they are tearless, fragrance-free and color-free too! 

This is a product I now use in my daily skin care routine and really like a lot!

After seeing how great the Cleansing Wipes for adults were, I was excited to try out the Dr. Fischer Eye-Care for Baby Purified Cleansing Wipes. 

These Wipes are also for the care of eyelids and lashes. They are especially formulated for a baby's delicate eyelids and lashes and come individually packaged as well! 

They work great to wipe the sleep from Caysen's eyes in the morning or sticky residue and scales. It seems to cleanse well and again, is very gentle on his sensitive skin. These are fragrance-free and color-free which I appreciate, especially in the products I use on my kids!

When it comes to bath time, I am equally as picky about what I use on my children...especially when they are very young like Caysen. He has dry skin issues as well as some eczema, so soap products tend to cause irritation. That's why I was excited to try out the Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Soapless Soap for Baby!

This moisturizing soapless soap for babies contains moisturizing ingredients, chamomile extract and azulene to calm the skin. In using it on Caysen, I have found that it not only leaves his skin clean, but also incredibly soft and smooth. There's a slight fragrance, but it's pleasant and not overpowering. 

To use, it's very simple. I just wet his skin and apply the Kamil Blue Soapless Soap while lathering it, then rinse it off. It's very gentle and suitable for top-to-toe cleansing for the whole family! It works great for my other two children as well!  It's especially nice this time of year when all of our skin is more dry.

Caysen likes to help wash with it too! :)

I really have enjoyed getting to use and learn more about each of the products, but one of my favorites is the Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil! This is perfect for dry skin care, which like I something my younger two boys especially struggle with. 

It offers moisture-intensive cleansing care for dry and delicate skin. In using it, I have not found there to be any issues with irritating Caysen's sensitive skin. It's preservative-free, hypoallergenic and 100% soap-free!

To use we simply put about 3 pumpfuls of Emol to the bath water and swirl in and mix it until it's dissolved. Just washing my kids in the bath, I have found that this is extremely gentle and moisturizing on even my hands! It also has been great for their skin as well! It's non-greasy which I love, and also lanolin and alcohol free. 

Due to the fact that it moisturizes, soothes and cleanses so well, this is a product I even like to use for myself. The results are smooth, soft and healthy looking skin so it's great for babies and adults alike!

We also received the Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes which have been wonderful! When it comes to baby wipes, it's very difficult to find a brand that are not harsh on a baby's skin. Thankfully, these sensitive baby wipes have worked great!

They are hypoallergenic alcohol and color-free. They also moisturize and soothe Caysen's skin when we use them! The fact that they are extra soft and thick is also a benefit, as I don't have to worry about them irritating his skin.

These wipes are suitable for all over body cleansing so we find that we use them quite often!

Overall we've been very happy with the Dr. Fischer products we received! They've all been gentle on our skin and give great soft and clean results. I would highly recommend others checking out these products for themselves and their babies. 

Win It: One lucky reader is going to receive the same Dr. Fischer package I received worth a retail value of $75! It includes:

  • Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby
  • Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Soapless Soap for Baby
  • Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes
  • Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil
  • Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Adults
  • A limited-edition Dr. Fischer Mommy Bag
  • Dr. Fischer Genesis Skin Care samples of: 
    • Sebo Right
    • Age Control
    • Sensitive Probiotic 
One winner per household, email address or home address. If you have won this prize on another blog you are ineligible to win again. Winners must have a U.S.-based address to receive their prize.

**The products for this review/giveaway were provided at no cost to me. However, all opinions are my own.

When it comes to finding gifts for my kids (as well as nieces and nephews), I like to find unique items that are fun and encourage learning. I am always looking for new products, and have grandparents asking me for similar ideas for the kids as well! That's why I was excited when introduced to Museum Tour!

Museum Tour is known for their catalog (mailed to 2 million homes!). They were founded on the belief that a child will want to learn if presented with toys that have been created with both education and fun in mind. So, offers an online store full of award-winning educational products that extend the museum experience into the home! How great is that?! 

As I browsed for the first time, I was impressed with their variety of products. Not only that, but they make it easy for parents, grandparents, etc. to find the perfect gift by having helpful categories where you can search by age or grade (preschool through high school)! This makes gift giving easy and I love that that there are so many fun and educational products all in one place! 

And, there's truly something for every learning style! Candy Chemistry ($36.99) is a great gift idea for your science whiz, while the Magformers Carnival Set ($74.95) would be perfect for a budding engineer! 

My kids are young and like to be hands-on, and like open-ended activities and toys. That's why I knew the Living Sands set would be absolutely perfect!

  • Ages 3+
  • Non toxic and antibacterial
  • Won't stain and is easy to remove form hands
  • Moldable
  • Dry and soft
  • Includes 4 lbs of living sands, large sand tray & 16 sand tools
This is something I knew all three of my kids would enjoy playing with and was excited to get it set up when it arrived! Everything was nicely packaged and presented in a way that was easy for me to see all that was included. 

There was very little assembly. I just simply screwed on the legs of the sand tray and dumped in the living sands and it was up and ready to use! 

I love that this set includes such a nice quality sand tray. It's the perfect place for the kids to play with the living sands and right at their level. I set it on the floor, but it would also be a nice size to use at a table as well. 

Of course, the kids were most excited about checking out the living sands. When I first put it in the tray it was pretty compacted from being inside the bag. We simply loosened it up some though, and it was ready to be played with. 

I wasn't sure what the consistency would be like, but wondered if it might be messy so I put a large mat down underneath the play area just in case. To my surprise and appreciation, Living Sands is not messy at all! In the times following I have not put down anything and have had no mess. YAY!

You might think messy when you hear the word "sands", but it's really a unique material and a lot of fun to touch and mold with. It's made up of sand and other natural ingredients, making it an easy-to-mold material that Kaden says feels like dough with fine sand in it! :)

It's soft and moldable, yet dry to the touch. Very unique and cool! I will admit, I think I have just as much fun playing with Living Sands as my kids do! 

Using the included sand tools, we've been able to mold the living sands into durable shapes without much effort. It's simple enough that even my 2 year old (supervised of course) can use and make into shapes too! While it does hold together well, it's still easy to break apart and start over which is nice too.  

The unique material actual appears to move as it breaks apart, almost as if it were alive! SO.MUCH.FUN!

This product provides tons of fun and educational value for my kids. They are required to use their imaginations and the open-ended play provides them the opportunity to get creative and make different shapes and figures every time they play with it! The sky really is the limit as to what can be made with Living Sands, which is why my kids never seem to lose interest and ask to play with it over and over again! 

I enjoy watching them as they learn and play, and have peace of mind knowing that the unique living sands formula is non-toxic and prevents bacterial it's safe for my kids!

The Living Sands set is just one example of the type of fun and educational toys offered through the amazing catalog and group of museum members that sell this wonderful assortment of educational toys! There are so many great choices for all ages, and the layout of the website makes it easy to help families find just the right gift, especially for the holidays coming soon! 

Whether you're still in the beginning stages of Christmas shopping, or just finishing up, I would highly recommend you checkout Museum Tour and all they have to offer. With everything from a Sew Fun Machine ($79.99) and Design and Drill ($39.99) to TargetToss ($19.99) and Water Color Canvas ($24.99)'re sure to find the perfect gift at the perfect price!

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to win a $30 Gift Code to use at! 

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Collections Etc Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Monday, December 16, 2013

**The product for this review/giveaway was provided by Collections Etc. All opinions are my own.

With three little ones, I find shopping online is the easiest for me this time of year. Whether I'm looking for unique and affordable gifts, or great holiday decor...I would rather shop from home and find everything all in one place than go out and fight the crowds! Thankfully, Collections Etc. is perfect for times like this!

A leading catalog company and online retailer, Collections Etc. has been around for over 40 years selling affordable gifts and home decor for the whole family. Offering thousands of products...everything from home decor and garden supplies to toys and clothing... (most of which are $19.99 or less and over 1,500 are $14.99 or less), you're sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.

For those who have been reading here for a while, you may remember reviews I've done in the past for this great company! They are my go-to site for times when I'm looking for affordable, high quality gifts. I appreciate their large selection of items and always enjoy browsing their user-friendly website. 

Last month I was browsing around and came across some great gift ideas and holiday decor! I was excited to learn I was going to have the opportunity to review a couple of them.

The first item we received is the Children's Arts & Activities Lap Desk

Whether it's at home or on the go, my kids like to keep busy and enjoy crafts and activities. The Children's Arts and Activities Lap Desk stood out to me right away, because it's a way to encourage creativity wherever we go. I thought it would not only make a great gift idea, but also a fantastic addition to any traveling families do over the holidays. 

When the product arrived, I was impressed right away with the quality. I also love the inviting colors and the fact that it folds nicely when not in use! 

It easily unfolds and makes the perfect workspace for a child no matter where we are. Although this comes in handy in the car, I also have found that my older two love to use it at home too! Kaelyn is especially into drawing, coloring, this is right up her alley!

It provides a large, hardtop surface for her to make her masterpieces on. It's comfortable for her to use since there's a cushioned bottom to it. This also makes it more stable. 

She keeps all her crayons and markers in the side zippered pockets which is a great way to keep everything organized and in a secure place so they're not scattered all over the place. 

Another feature we love, and one I didn't realize it had, was the elasticized corners. These are great for holding papers in place! 

This is a great gift idea for any child 3+ and one I'd definitely recommend for parents with little ones!

The second item we received for review was the Beaded 3 Tier Silvertone Swivel Server.

Over the holidays we do a lot of entertaining so I'm always looking for products that make that easier! I suppose you could consider it a gift to myself when I get products like this because they are fun to have and make hosting family get-togethers more organized and easy.

When this server arrived, I appreciated the eye-catching appearance! Although inexpensive at just $14.99, it did not look cheap to me. It looks very nice and is something that is well-suited for holiday parties. 

I love the faceted acrylic beads. This really adds to the fancy look of it and presents food in such a nice way!

I also love that it holds quite a bit of food at one time! It holds three 8" plates (which aren't included). I can fit a lot of food on three plates, so I know I won't be having to refill items over and over again.

This is not only great for the holidays, but would be perfect for any get-together where food is being served. I love that it's versatile and something I will be able to use year-round. 

And, when I'm not using it, it folds down to a nice size that makes it easy to store. YAY!

This is the type of product that I recommend as a gift to yourself if you entertain a lot, as well as a gift for others who do the same! I love it and am happy to have it in time for Christmas!

Of course, these are just two of many products found at! There is something for every taste and budget! I would definitely recommend heading over to their website and checking out all of their great items if you haven't already!

Buy It: You can purchase the Beaded 3 Tier Silvertone Swivel Server for $14.99 and the Children's Arts & Activities Lap Desk for $7.99.

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to win a Beaded 3 Tier Silvertone Swivel Server of their own! 

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