Trying New Gerber Products

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 24, 2008

As a stay at home mom I love having the opportunity to receive sample products and review them. I not only enjoy doing this to try new things with my family, but also to get the word out there about noteworthy products that other moms and parents would enjoy trying as well.

A while back I was was asked to review a sample kit of Gerber 2nd Foods. Having a little one I of course said yes. I was excited to try their new dinner purees with DHA which is a very important nutrient that helps to support brain and eye development. I was also interested in trying and learning more about the Organic Cereals that they are adding to their line of foods.

All of the products I received and tried were great! I would have to say that I loved the Organic Cereals as I knew I was giving the very best to my little girl. Her favorite was probably the dinner purees...which again was great for me as I knew she was getting the nutrients she needs to continue to grow healthy and strong. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to try Gerber Products and hope to have more in the future!!

The Simple Things in Life

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 10, 2008

Isn't it funny how kids love to play with the simplest toys?? Kaelyn has so many toys, especially after having had a birthday and getting many as gifts....but it seems she always goes back to the simplest ones to play with. Usually it's books or stuffed animals...but lately, it's a box we left out for her to play with after her birthday party. It's so cute to see her crawl inside and then pop her head out to play peek a boo!! It cracks me up each and every time....she's such a funny little girl. I'm glad she enjoys the simple things in life. :)

One Year Old and Many Changes!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Friday we took Kaelyn to her 1 year doctors appointment. I guess you could say that it really made it seem real that she's actually 1! The appointment went great as always...and the best part was getting to see how much she'd grown since her last appointment!! She had grown the most that she had since she was just a new born....over three pounds in three months and almost 2 inches!! She's still a petite little girl....but it was great to hear that she continuing to grow as she should! We could tell she was rowing more over the past few months as our arms are getting more and more tired when holding her. :) Since she's officially 1 and is well over 20 pounds it was now time to turn her car seat around. We were looking forward to doing we knew it was getting quite boring for her to stare at the seat. We turned it around and she had the biggest smile on her face the first time we went somewhere! She got to see the world and you could tell she felt like such a big girl!!

First Birthday Party

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 03, 2008

What a fun day we had yesterday!! :) We had a first birthday party for Kaelyn with our parents and siblings....and it went great! There was a lot of planning that went into it...and everything went so smoothly. It was a lot of fun getting everyone together...that doesn't happen very often. Kaelyn loved having everyone here, and enjoyed opening all of her gifts. She has so many new toys and clothes to enjoy now! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members!! It's kind of sad that it's over so quickly....but I'm glad we were able to get lots of pictures and video footage. It will be fun to have those memories always! :)

First Halloween

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, November 01, 2008

Last night we took Kaelyn trick or treating. Our town actually has trick or treating at the mall...which is much more fud and warm for the kids. We took her there and had a great time. She really had fun I think! We even took around to some of the neighbors as well. They enjoyed seeing her all dressed up in her ladybug costume! So did I! We got lots of pictures, and even were able to get a professional pic there in the mall. I'm excited to see how it turned out!! She looked so cute. I will post pics soon!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today is the day our little girl turns one!! I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? I'm sure like many other parents, I just can't believe how quickly the first year has gone. It seems like just yesterday she was born and we were in the hospital! She's been such a joy and we can't wait to see all the changes over the next year! However, one wish we have is that it would slow down a bit. This first year was so much fun, but went by far too quickly! I'm glad we have lots of pictures to help us remember all the great times we've had so far at least!

We'll be sure to take lots of pictures today and tomorrow (Kaelyn's party nad her opening gifts) and will post a few very soon!

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