Baby Products Today? Safe or Dangerous?

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's pretty scary to think about the dangers of lead in our country. It seems like each day I learn of more products out there which we should be aware of. I am especially cautious now that I have a daughter to look out for. I do extensive research on almost all things I buy for her...whether it be dishes and other eating utensils, clothing, toys, etc. Recently I heard that many of us should even be cautious of the vinyl bibs our babies wear. Although there is debate, it seems that there may be dangerous levels of lead in them. I guess cloth may be the way to go??! Sometimes I think the convenience that new items bring us, also brings some of these dangerous issues. Although cloth bibs are probably more work (as we have to wash them more), it may be safer?! I often think back to the time when I was a baby and the things my mom used with us kids...although it may have been more work for her, I think it also may have been safer for us than the products we are using with our children today. What do you think?


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