The Big Transition....

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, January 08, 2008

As I'm sure many other mom's would's a big transition moving your little one to their own room for the first time! Kaelyn is just over two months old now, so we knew it was getting to be that time when she had to go to her room and sleep in her crib, rather than in the bassinet that sits by our bed. It was really nice having her in our room, as it was very convenient to change her and feed her when she was still waking up frequently in the night. Now, however, she is getting older and sleeping through the night...what other reason do we have to keep her in our room other than mom feeling a bit of separation anxiety about the whole thing....and that's not a good reason.

We came to the conclusion that there is no reason why she cannot be sleeping in her own room and in her crib this past Sunday night we began having her sleep in there. We wanted to wait until after the holidays were over with and our routine was back to normal. Both nights so far she's been sleeping through the night and actually wakes up happier....smiling and cooing as she looks at the mobile that hangs above her. She seems to really enjoy the change, and mom is adjusting. At first it just kept running through my mind that my little girl is in her own room all by herself. It was like I felt bad for her that she had to be in there by herself or something...I know, I me odd. I'm beginning to adjust though and am glad that she took the transition so well.


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