Who Does Your Baby Look Like?

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ever since we had Kaelyn we hear so many people tell us who they think she looks like. It seems that my family tends to think she looks a lot like I did as a baby and Scott's family seems to think she looks a lot like him as a baby. When Scott and I look at her we see certain features that remind us of each one of us. We've held baby pictures up to her as I am sure many parents do when they have babies...it's just been such a fun thing to do.

Many people who are not family also like to give their opinions as well. It's fun to hear what people think outside of the family as well. I recently came across a really great tool on the My Heritage website that I thought could give it's "opinion" just for fun. It is called the Look alike Meter. I placed a picture of Scott, Myself and Kaelyn in the meter and based on the faces it detects who the child looks most like. I know this is not a scientific tool by any means, but it was still fun to see what it said as a result. After putting in our pictures I got the following result. I really thought it was neat that this tool came to the conclusion that Kaelyn looks like Scott and I equally!! I guess every body is right when they say that she looks like me and Scott!!


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