Stages of Play

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Kaelyn was young she enjoyed batting at toys, looking at them, squeezing them, and of course the ever so popular....chewing them. However, over time she developed the understanding to use toys correctly and even engage in a little "pretend play" of her own. Last week was really the first I had seen of it with her, and I have to say, I really look forward to more opportunities in the future. It's so fun to see her learning new things and growing into such a smart and fun little toddler. ;)


Posted by Jenna | Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow was Scott surprised to see Kaelyn walking all around when he walked in the door today. :) He had been gone for a week for work, and over that time she started walking very well. The moment she saw him she walked across the room to him and gave him a big hug. It was adorable. I could tell she had missed her Daddy as much as I did! We finally got her walking around a bit on video tonight and I thought I'd share!! We are such proud parents....what a big milestone. Our little girl is no longer considered a 'baby', but now a 'toddler'.

As for Scott being home, both Kaelyn and I are very happy! We missed him a lot...a week was along time to be apart from each other. It was great to see him, and be greeted with beautiful flowers....he's so sweet! I'm very blessed to have him as my husband. I couldn't ask for a better guy...... :)

Almost Here

Posted by Jenna | Friday, January 16, 2009

Before Scott left on his business trip...Kaelyn was just starting to get back to walking more. Now, he comes home today and he will be SHOCKED at all she's doing. She's not only saying more words, but she is also walking all around, and even getting to a standing position from the floor. This is a HUGE milestone and one he will be thrilled to witness. I know he'll just leave seeing his little girl toddling around...I can't wait for him to get home.

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