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I am a big fan of finding products that encourage learning and fun for my kids! My older two children are getting to the ages where they especially enjoy games so this Christmas, I've bee keeping my eye out for some that will be of interest and at an age-appropriate level. Thankfully, Super Duper Publications makes that easy! 

I recently posted a review of a few items from Super Duper Publications! They offer so many great gift ideas and stocking stuffer possibilities....there's something for everyone! 

Three more items we were sent from Super Duper Publications to review, were the MagneTalk® Telling Time Game, the Turtle Talk® Fluency and Language Game and the Go For The Dough® Board Game.

The turtle game was something that both Kaelyn and Kaden can play, either together or separately. Geared toward children PreK+, it's perfect for their ages and the things they're currently learning and working on. 

The friendly turtle wants to help children with their smooth and easy speech as they skate around the turtle track collecting turtle tokens. 

In this innovative fluency and language game, players pick a card, answer the question, roll the die and answer the skill level question. If they get the answer correct, they move their player that many places on the board. Each spot has a number of Turtle Tokens the child can take (which can be found inside the fun turtle). 

I appreciate that there are different skill level questions. This makes it possible to work with both Kaelyn and Kaden at a level that's appropriate and one they will understand. 

What I love is that there's a lot of fluency and language practice going on with this game, but the kids don't even realize they're learning! They are so busy having fun that they don't see it as "work", but play! It's wonderful! 

The MagneTalk Telling Time Game is a little more advanced. It's recommended for ages Pre-K+, but in my opinion it's better suited for K+. Kaden is not all that familiar with telling time yet, but Kaelyn is learning and loves this game!

Kaelyn has shown an interest in telling time and can do so on the digital clock already. What I love about this game is that it helps kids learn to tell time in two different ways...on the traditional face clock and then on the digital clock! 

Opening up the game, I appreciated that the board was magnetic. It made it easy to put the pieces where they belonged and keep them in place. It also makes cleanup and storage a breeze! 

Kaelyn enjoys putting a time on the digital clock and then trying to figure out how that would look on the traditional clock. There's also a Sentence Maker section where she can match sentences to the clocks. For instance, "It is five o'clock". 

I love that there are different levels to this game. As Kaden gets a little more comfortable with telling time, it will be easy to start him out with the digital clock and work our way to the traditional clock and sentence maker. Kaelyn has been enjoying the digital and traditional clocks and is having fun being challenged by the words to make a relevant sentence. 

There are different ways to play this game, and although we've done them, I appreciate that this game is pretty open-ended and can be used in any way that suits the child best. Kaelyn enjoys pulling it out and just working on telling time on her own sometimes. I'm thankful this game allows her to do that easily. It's perfect for her age and skill-level and is something I know she will continue to learn from as time goes on.

The third game was something that both Kaelyn and Kaden could play as well! Go for the Dough Board Game is a fun game where kids get to increase their vocabulary. It's a fast-paced game, which I like because it keeps kids engaged and interested!

Players start at the Start which is the Pizza Palace. They drive their cards around the board as they answer questions correctly..delivering their imaginary pizzas. Each of the 480 Super Dough Dollars reviews a language skill. 

I have noticed in playing with Kaden and Kaelyn that it really helps with word meaning, learning opposites, word recall and more! Like the others, this is a fun game and one the kids enjoy playing often.

If you're looking for a fun, educational and innovative game for a child on your list this Christmas, I would encourage you to head over to Super Duper Publications and check out their large selection of learning activities

Buy It: You can purchase the MagneTalk® Telling Time Game for $21.95, the Go for the Dough Board Game for $49.95, and the Turtle Talk® Fluency and Language Game for $54.95! 

And, as I mentioned in my previous post...When shopping Super Duper Publications, you can use this special 15% off discount code: DBT4CPTS now through December 20th! Also know that shipping is FREE on all orders of $20 or more for anywhere in the US and Canada. 

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  1. mail4rosey December 3, 2013 at 7:53 PM  

    I love the Time Game, what a great way to encourage the love of learning and have fun doing it too.

  2. nici December 12, 2013 at 8:20 AM  

    Those are great games! What a fun way to not only learn, but to teach!

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