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There are times when we're in the car, at Grandma's, or simply having downtime at home when the kids are looking for something to do. That happens more often during these winter months!  I'm always on the lookout for good quality products that are not only entertaining and fun, but also age appropriate and educational. 

All three of my kids enjoy playing different apps on our tablets and phones, but I prefer to have them use something more kid-friendly...geared towards them! That's why I was excited when introduced to the ClickN KIDS Tablet and learn that we were going to have the opportunity to review one.

  • 8GB storage expandable to 32GB
  • Front-facing camera
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Pre-loaded award winning curriculum
  • Over 30 Free “Kids” apps
  • Dual-core processor
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours
  • Wi-Fi
  • Custom rugged matching gel case
With tablet computers increasing in popularity with both adults and children, ClickN KIDS (a mult award-winning educational content provider) has now entered the tablet market. The best part is, they are entering with a competitive price point of under $100 AND unique offerings that are sure to make it stand out in the crowd!

We were sent a green ClickN KIDS tablet to test out. Right away, I was impressed with the fun color. It makes it appealing to children so they're not fighting over the other tablets and electronics in the house! Green is not the only color though, the ClickN Kids Tablet actually comes in eight different colors! 

I really like the case as it not only offers the style and appeal I mentioned, but also protection for the device. It's already held up well to many bumps and drops! YAY! Being kid-friendly is a must, so this was a big plus in my book.

I also appreciate the fact that the ClickN KIDS tablet is the first of its kind offering a features and functionalities for both kids and grown ups! The Kids Place offers access to more than 30 pre-loaded apps including the multi-award winning Looney Tunes Phonics Program  which my kids LOVE! It features 100 interactive-reading lessons which engage and educate kids with the zany antics of the iconic kid favorite Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner and more.

The ClickN KIDS' phonics curriculum have been a PreK-3rd grade teacher and parent favorite for 10 years and has been used in schools and homes throughout the US and over 100 countries!

Also included are apps like Talking Tom 2 and Talking Ginger, Diversion, Team Awesome, etc.

I love that this comes preloaded, and not just with everyday apps, but also the Looney Tunes Phonics! This is a fun and educational app that my kids usually end up wanting to play over any other app on the device. They have so much fun they don't even realize their learning at the same time!

Kaelyn enjoys it as she gets better and better with basic reading, and Kaden as he continues to work on letter recognition and sounds. It's been fun to see them, at different ages, learning and enjoying it together!

As they play different apps, I've noticed that the quality of the graphics are great! They're clear and easy to see which is better than some of the other tablets for kids that we've used. 

I also LOVE the features and controls for parents. There's web content filtering, built-in monitoring and controls that let parents protect their child's identity, monitor their time usage and even prevent them from downloading new apps and performing other functions that can cost money! This is something I haven't found on other tablets and really appreciate having. With such young children using a device like this, I like being able to easily control how much time is spent on the tablet as well as what they're able to do. 

As I mentioned, it is tailored to provide fun and functionality for children and teens, but ALSO parents! There's a grownups section which offers everything an adult would need from a tablet. By simply clicking the grownups button we can type in the security pin number we created and use this full-featured Android tablet for WiFi, front facing camera, music, and even streaming video players! 

This tablet is great for home, but will also be very nice when we're traveling over the holidays since it's something geared toward both children and adults!

Overall we've been really impressed with the ClickN KIDS Tablet and couldn't be happier with it's many features that make it more kid-friendly than other competitors. I love the idea of having a dual interface and would definitely recommend this affordable, loaded tablet anyone this Christmas season. It would make a fantastic gift for the entire household!

For more information on the ClickN KIDS Tablet, visit www.ClickNKidstablet.com.

Buy It: You can purchase the ClickN KIDS Tablet for $99 at Walmart.com.


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