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The winter weather has arrived here in the midwest. While it's beautiful this time of year (especially with Christmas nearing), it's also extremely cold and unpleasant to be outdoors for more than a few minutes. My kids enjoy staying active, which can be difficult during these cold winter months as we're cooped up indoors. That's why I'm always looking for ways to keep them moving and having fun indoors, and was thrilled when introduced to the Gorilla Gym

For those who aren't familiar, Gorilla gym is the world's smallest and most versatile home gym! It brings the fun of exercising indoors for both adults AND children. It's lightweight, portable and installs in a doorway within seconds without any tools or drilling!  

When I was first introduced to the Gorilla Gym, I was very intrigued. Colder weather is upon us, which can be challenging for both the kids and us adults! I love the idea of having a versatile home gym that supports multiple attachments for dozens of exercises and activities, including items that would essentially give us an indoor playground with one piece of equipment!

After learning all that the Gorilla Gym has to offer, I was very excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review it! 


  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Portable and Compact
  • Attaches in seconds, no holes!
  • Fits any standard doorway (24"-36" wide)
  • Wall absorbs your weight
  • Vise-grips secure to door frame
  • ASTM safety certified support up to 300 lbs

When the Gorilla Gym arrived, I couldn't wait to get it set up so we could test it out! Out of the box I was immediately impressed with the quality. I could tell the Gorilla Gym is very well made and something that took a lot of time and care to design. 

Although it looked heavy, the professional grade steel frame weighs only 8 lbs. Given the lightweight, it was very easy to carry down to our lower level where we set it up. 

We were sent the Gorilla Gym along with a swing and trapeze attachment. 

I had three very eager children waiting to use the Gorilla Gym, along with a hubby who was interested in testing it out as well. So, it was nice that the Gorilla Gym takes less than a minute to set up. 

We decided on a doorway we wanted to use. Then, set the long horizontal bar at the top of the door trim and opened the Vice-Grips on each side to be fully flush against the interior door molding trim. Once in place, we simply tightened the vice-grips with the adjuster until contact was tight with the interior doorway trim. 

After we go the vise-grips secured, my husband tightened each of them with the Tightener to make sure everything was safe, secure and would stay in place. Before using it, we pulled on it and shook it to make sure it was secure. I was amazed in such a short amount of time that we could get it set up and ready to use! You can check out the installation video on the Gorilla Gym website to see for yourself just how easy it really is.

I appreciate that it was designed to be safe for the door trim. I wondered at first if it would leave marks, but thankfully found that it leaves none. We didn't have to drill or make any holes and there's padding where the Gorilla Gym attaches. This is great, especially when we take it down and don't have to worry that it has ruined the paint or wood. 

My husband wanted to test it out first, not only to make sure it was safe and secure for the kids...but also because it's just as fun for an adult to use! He did a couple of pull ups and found that it really is good exercise for adults too! I was happy to see that it easily held his weight. It's made to support up to 300 lbs which is very impressive and helps to give me peace of mind that our family is safe while using it. 

There are several attachments that can be purchased to allow the user to perform a wide variety of exercises with a larger range of motions like pull-ups, chin-ups, ab, and shoulder exercises. Boxing, yoga and even swinging have never been so fun!

I'm looking forward to my husband and I being able to use the Gorilla Gym, but even more so for my kids during these winter months!

We hooked up the swing which couldn't have been easier. The kids were tickled to have a swing indoors! Kaden kept calling it an indoor swingset and all three couldn't get enough. They haven't been able to use their outdoor swingset for many weeks, so this was a real treat and something I know will be used A LOT!

We've now been able to bring the joy of a playground into our home and it's been fun to see the joy on each of the kids' faces! We received the child swing, but they also have a toddler and adult swing as well! It's great quality and I love the heavy gauge rope! It allows the kids to swing safely without any noise. 

We were also sent the trapeze attachment which is equally as fun! Like the swing, the trapeze was easy to attach and adjust. My older two especially enjoy swinging on it. The quality is top-notch and it makes them feel like we've brought the fun of a circus right into our home!

Having experienced the fun of Gorilla Gym, there are several attachments we would love to get for it in the future so that we can enjoy even more exercises and activities! 

We've been thrilled with the Gorilla Gym and have nothing but good things to say about it. I appreciate the care that went into making sure this is a safe product for both adults and children to use. It's very well made and a lot of fun! I enjoy seeing my kids stay active and healthy, all while having a great time together. 

With Christmas around the corner and winter here, I would definitely recommend this as a great gift idea or simply a fun addition to any home! It's an affordable, compact multi-function home gym designed with families in mind. Gorilla Gym really does offer something for everyone in the family! 

Buy It: The Gorilla Gym can be purchased online at GorillaGym.com. The Indoor Swing Package is $89.95.

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