**The products for this review were provided by Super Duper Publications. All opinions are my own. 

When I'm shopping for nieces, nephews and my own children the teacher in me is always on the lookout for games and toys that are fun, yet educational. That's why I love Super Duper Publications!

I'm sure you've some of the reviews I've written in the past for Super Duper Publications. If so, you know I'm a big fan! They are the makers of fun learning materials since 1986, offering hundreds of products that are perfect for every kid on the list this year! 

I was excited when giving the chance to review several items from Super Duper Publications, including the following three:
  • Ticklin' Tongue Twister Pencils
  • Hopping Frogs® Language Game
  • Photo Fish Classifying Magnetic Game
The kids were drawn the Photo Fish Classifying Magnetic Game right away, because they were intrigued by the tackle box shaped box it came in! 

This game is focused on helping children with their sorting and classifying skills. Great for ages Pre-K+, I knew this would be a lot of fun for both Kaelyn and Kaden. 

These magnetic foam fish come with stickers showing photos of everyday items in the categories of Transportation, Clothing, Animals, Food and Around the Home. 

Each child grabs a pole, chooses a category and reels in the fish that match. It's really that easy! They have a blast and I appreciate that they're learning every step of the way! 

I was also impressed that it comes with so many fish and categories. it really allows the game to stay fresh without the kids getting bored. This is a game they ask to play almost every day!

Another fun game is the Hopping Frogs Language Game. 

This game comes with 420 game cards focusing on the earlier developing sounds of P, B, T, D, K, G and F. It's another game that's great for Pre-K and one both Kaelyn and Kaden enjoy!

Children don't need to read to get hopping on this fun board game. It's a hands-on game that works on early language and articulations skills. Each sound has a specific question card for initial, medial and final positions in single words. For instance, the K in the initial position may ask the question "A Kitten is a baby _____". The child answers correctly and gets to hop the number of frogs shown at the bottom of the card to his/her lily pad. 

Being able to hop their own frogs is motivation to answer the question correctly. It's fun to see their wheels turning and the desire they have to really try at this game. It's a lot of fun and another one we pull out to play often!

Both of the games would make great gift ideas this Christmas, while the third item...the Ticklin' Tongue Twister Pencils, would make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Unlike a typical No. 2 pencil, this one is entertaining. In this pack of 60 (yes 60!!) pencils, there's a tongue twister on each one! For instance, "how much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?" 

I love how colorful these pencils are. They're perfect for all ages and a lot of fun!

I would definitely recommend heading over to Super Duper Publications and checking out the variety of products they have to offer the children on your list this year. 

Buy It: You can purchase the Ticklin' Tongue Twister Pencils for $15.85, the Hopping Frogs Language Game for $49.95, and the Photo Fish Classifying Magnetic Game for $43.95. 

When shopping Super Duper Publications, you can use this special 15% off discount code: DBT4CPTS now through December 20th! Also know that shipping is FREE on all orders of $20 or more for anywhere in the US and Canada. 

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