Comfortable and Cute Shoes for Busy Moms

Posted by Jenna | Monday, October 28, 2013

With three kids, I keep busy during the day. Whether it's at home with the kids or on-the-go, I'm on my feet a lot! I'm sure there are many other moms that can relate. It has gotten to the point that I have sure been feeling the aches and pains in my feet day after day. For instance, my husband and I were out shopping recently and I had to take several breaks due to the heal pain...and even felt it days later! 

I am in need of a better pair of shoes that I can wear at home and when running errands and out and about....something that's both stylish and supportive. Is there such a shoe?!

Do you ever find yourself in need of similar well-being footwear for moms? Something that's fashionable and functional? In my search, I have found that there are a number of popular designs out there that are made to help alleviate common foot conditions without compromising style. That's exactly the type of shoe I'm looking for and had no idea existed.

There are some great Vionic footwear offers actually, that are supposed to provide a shoe that will be comfortable for my busy lifestyle all while looking cute at the same time! The fact that they look like any other day-to-day shoe while still offering the support and comfort I need is something that really appeals to me. I'm definitely going to be looking into getting a pair and have already told my husband to add it to my Christmas list, as well as his mom's list who also works on her feet all day!

Whether it's for you, or someone you know, finding a comfortable and cute shoe that works with any busy lifestyle is a must! What are some of your favorite everyday shoes?


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