Apple’s iPad was originally seen as something of a novelty device on its original release. The iPad 1 first appeared in 2007 and essentially invented the tablet computer market. At the time, however, commenters noted that it appeared to be nothing more than a larger smart phone. Time has been kind to the iPad and tablet devices of all types as they have increasingly replaced laptop computers in many homes across the country. They have become such a common part of life, in fact, that many people are using them in ways that you might not necessarily expect. A great deal of parents are reaching for their iPad to take along with other important items like supplies and tents on family camping trips, for example, with good reason.

Taking Pictures

Every iPad released since the iPad 2 has included built-in front and rear facing cameras. The front camera is capable of 720p still image and video content, while the rear camera is capable of capturing both images and video in high definition. When it comes to recording the wonderful family memories from a camping trip for posterity’s sake, an iPad is one of the best solutions that a person can have. The unit is already compact enough to fit snugly inside a backpack or duffel back. It is also lightweight, allowing you to take it with you on a family hike or other type of outdoor event. Snapping pictures on the unit is as simple as opening the appropriate application and tapping a single button. From there, you can also send those images to family and friends just as easily.

How-To Videos

The iPad is also a great tool to use to watch streaming videos from a wide variety of different sources while on the go. If you’ve never started a campfire in your life and aren’t quite sure how to begin, for example, that is no reason to cancel the whole trip. With an iPad, parents can quickly pull up a how-to video on nearly any topic and learn on the fly. If you’re presented with a situation that cropped up unexpectedly, the appropriate instructional video is just a few finger taps away (provided you have an iPad with constant Internet access, like the Wi-Fi + 3G models).

If you don’t have a 3G iPad, you can use services like YTD Video Downloader to save the videos you need to your iPad for offline access. Research the types of activities you’ll need to learn about beforehand, download the appropriate videos and play them when the need arises.


After a day of fun in the sun is over, the iPad can also be a great entertainment tool to use to unwind. The iPad can play both videos and audio, allowing you to take your entire media collection with you on the trip. If you want your kids to listen to your favorite album around the campfire at night, all you have to do is sync that content to your iPad and tap your finger when the time comes.

Brian Richardson is an outdoors expert. He loves to share ideas for how to bring the modern age to the outdoors on parenting blogs.

  1. Angie Church September 26, 2013 at 6:32 PM  

    seems that Ipads have so many awesome uses love that it can help make memories and keep the family happy as well

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