Summer Infant Hippo Tales Potty ~ Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Potty training is a milestone that although rewarding, is a lot of work for parents! It's important to find the right tools to make the process go more smoothly, which is why finding a good potty, as well as ways to make using the potty a fun process, is a must!

Thankfully, Summer Infant has a product that offers both! The Hippo Tales Potty brings laughter and fun into the potty training process, which can be a breath of fresh air to parents. The storybook and interactive panel help to keep children engaged while they train.

I am always looking for ways to make the potty training process more fun with my kids, which is why I was excited when asked to review the Summer Infant Hippo Tales Potty.
Features and benefits:
  • 3 stages of use:
    • Stand alone potty
    • Removable training seat
    • Stepstool for adult toilet
  • Illustrated, soft cover hippo themed story book
  • Interactive sound panel with recorded story and an encouraging reward phrase
  • High, supportive seat back allows the child to comfortably relax while training
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning 
Caysen is 21 months old and just over a month ago started to show interest in using the potty. I wasn't planning to start training him quite yet, but decided to take his lead and began a few weeks ago. The Hippo Tales Potty arrived right around the same time and I was looking forward to trying it out with him.

Out of the box, Caysen was excited right away. One thing I've learned in potty training children is getting them excited and wanting to do it is a must! It was great to see that the fun, colorful appearance of the potty chair peeked his interest and got him excited to use it.

There was very little assembly. In no time I had the potty put together and ready to use. The interactive story panel slides into place, and the hippo face sticks on.
As with the other Summer Infant products we own, I was happy to find the quality to be top-notch! It's very sturdy and well made...something I know will hold up well. 
Of course, other than the adorable hippo design, the two things that caught Caysen's attention were the book and itneractive story panel. This is what really sets the potty apart from other potties. It's a unique feature, and a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged while training and sitting on the potty. All three of my kids think it is so neat!

As Caysen sits on the potty, he grabs the story and pushes the botton to read it to him. It helps him to be more content while sitting and such a neat training tool! Having it read to him is what really keeps him entertained...I love it!

In the times we've used it with Caysen, the high, supportive seat back has been much appreciated! It has allowed him to sit comfortably while going potty. The size is also nice for him. As a boy, we always make sure that whatever potty we use with the boys, that it has a high front on it so he goes in the potty and not out. Thankfully, this one seems to be high enough for him, as we've had few instances where he didn't make it in. 
One of my favorite things about this potty is that the bowl is easy to remove. I appreciate this, as it cuts down on mess and makes it easy for even Caysen to help out in emptying the potty after he goes. 
Another feature I love is that it's a potty that grows with kids.The top and base easily come apart so that the top can be used on an adult potty. This has been epsecially nice for Kaden as he's bigger and likes to use the big potty. 

The base then can be used as a step stool, both for getting on the potty as well as at the sink to wash their hands. This is great for all three kids!
Overall I've been really happy with the Summer Infant Hippo Tales Potty. It's great quality, easy to clean, and offers features that help to engage Caysen and keeps him interested in using the potty. It's been fun to use while we're working on training him, and is an affordable potty that I would recommend other parents check out. 
Buy It: You can purchase the Summer Infant Hippo Tales Potty from for $19.88. 

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win a Summer Infant Hippo Tales Potty! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

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