5 Themed Rooms For Your Kids ~ Guest Post

Posted by Jenna | Monday, July 22, 2013

Your child’s room is the room where your child will do the most growing, living and thinking. A child that lives in a room which is an expression of their interests will grow and thrive. Unfortunately, too many children's rooms are just empty canvases. If you’re looking for a way to stimulate your child and planning to redo their room according to their interests, here are some great ideas.

Let’s Sail Away

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What child doesn’t love the ocean? There’s just something magical about being able to go on a boat and sailing away to parts unknown. You just know they will contain adventure and fun. To bring sailing to your child’s room, you can start by painting or papering the walls in nautical themes. Then use ship flags as wall art and banners. The right shades can also be reminiscent of a ship. Images of sailboats, old maps and illustrations of exotic places will help keep the room visually interesting and educational.

Artistic Endeavors

Children are born creative. However, some are more creative than others. For a parent looking to encourage a child’s creativity, look to the walls. Chalkboard paint is now readily available. You can actually turn one whole wall into a larger than life chalk canvas. You can also paint another wall with special steel paint that holds magnets. For the floors, an easy to clean wood laminate floor is best. This will allow your child to express themselves without making a huge mess. Bright drapes and bedding can also show that this is the room of an artist.

Around The World

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All children long to see the world. You can bring the world to them by incorporating maps into your decorating. Don't limit yourself to just the walls, furniture can also be covered in colorful, modern or antique maps. Trinkets from around the world will help pull the room together and give it a unified feel.

Budding Builder

If your child loves Legos, then you might want to consider incorporating them into your decorating. You can purchase several Lego green mats and attach them to one wall until it’s completely covered. This allows the child to express themselves by creating their own space against that wall. Brightly colored Legos can be complemented with brightly colored bedding, drapes, rugs or furniture.

The Bookworm

Image via Flickr by Maegan Tintari 

For children who love to read, a reading nook is ideal. So what do you do if your home doesn’t come with a built in nook? These are actually easily created by flanking a window with two large bookshelves. Then, simply place a long chest with a flat top in your new nook and cover it with pillows. Not only does this create the perfect reading nook, the bookshelves and chest can add much needed storage to a child’s room.

Draperies, along with bedding, accessories and furniture can help customize your child’s room. Childhood is all about finding yourself and turning into the person you were meant to be. Enabling your child to express themselves through room decoration is an excellent place to start.


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