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Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Seven years into marriage and three kids later...I am still learning to juggle making delicious meals for my family all while balancing family time. We eat most of our weekly meals at home, which means a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. I don't mind, but have wished there was a way to prepare meals for my family without up so much time. It's not always easy considering the long list of ingredients and kitchen tools required. That's why I was SOOO excited when asked to be a Chicago Cutlery Mom Ambassador!!

When I learned that Chicago Cutlery's new line of DesignPro knives help to cut down on prep time and give everyday moms like myself more confidence and control in the kitchen...I was excited and couldn't wait to receive my new knives to test out.

I will admit, I'm no expert when it comes to knives. I am often not sure which should be used with what foods. I usually grab smaller knives for smaller foods, and larger knives for larger foods. It has seemed to work ok for me, but most of our knives are dull which makes the process take that much longer. Not to mention the fact that I really have no idea how to use hold and use them properly. Not anymore though! Cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen changed the moment these beauties landed on my doorstep!
When the DesignPro Knives from Chicago Cutlery arrived I was impressed right away with the quality. Wow, are these well-made knives! I also love that they have a plastic cover to ensure that the sharp blade is covered when not in use. Safety is important with little ones in the house so I appreciate this very much!
Of course, I was also excited to put them to the test. I love that they take the guess work out of how to handle a knife with an innovative grip that guides your hand to the best position for superior control and cutting. This is something I've never been the greatest at so I appreciate that they're made for people like me who are not what I would consider a "chef" in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to using them more and getting better and better at slicing and dicing. I hope to make more meals that have a lot of fresh, healthy ingredients in them I would have used to not made due to the prep time involved.
Aside from the grip, I've also found that the ultra-sharp, Japanese blades make it easy to cut foods. It has made meal prep go more smoothly and quickly so far. As I get more used to them, I know I'll get even faster and more comfortable using them. I can't wait! Stay tuned, because I'll be sharing my continued thoughts and experiences with these quality culinary chopping tools with you!

You can learn more about the Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Knives on Amazon.com!

**I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Chicago Cutlery and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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