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Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, September 04, 2012

With a very simplistic aim of designing functional, attractive garments that let children be children, Polarn O. Pyret has been a beloved childrenswear brand in Sweden since the 1970s, and is today distributed to all EU countries and the US.

PO.P designs, manufactures and distributes all its own-brand baby and kids clothing, with the firm belief it should be able to withstand wear and tear enough so that it can be handed down through the family.

PO.P’s sole aim is to produce the world’s leading baby’s/children’s fleece, knee sock, mitten t-shirt, and sun hat… In fact, PO.P’s sole aim is to produce the very best-quality children’s clothing range full stop. And it doesn’t presume what colours you would like to dress your little girl or boy in – it lets you/them decide.
And with such good-quality, long-lasting clothing a sound environmental policy naturally follows, too – PO.P is driven to improve its manufacture processes so that they have the least possible impact on the environment. And in reflection of that ambition, PO.P’s range of 100% organic cotton clothing (with the ECO label) is on the increase every year.

Polarn O. Pyret wasn’t always a kids clothing designer/manufacturer. The company’s founder, Nils Adamsson, once traversed Västergötland, Sweden, selling sewing machines, and was struck by how large and poor many families were. With this in mind, he later opened a shop that sold condoms, tobacco and medical products – a format that largely lasted until the 1970s when the last restrictions on condom sales in Sweden were lifted, at which point Adamsson decided to focus on children's wear.

With the release of its first clothing collection in the 1970s, Polarn O. Pyret became renowned for its idiosyncratic stripe, and since then has garnered over 35 years in the business of trialling and testing every single detail of every single design of every single garment it produced… Which means that it knows what really works.

Yet another thing that PO.P is renowned for is its layering system:

  • Layer 1: Base - Wool and polyester, unlike cotton, keep kids warm due to their ability to wick away moisture from the skin; a polyester base layer is velvety soft and ideal for active kids, and a woollen base layer keeps kids warm even in the chilliest of temperatures.
  • Layer 2: Mid - Breathable, comfy and perfect for outdoor play, fleece/wool blends not only wick away moisture but also trap a layer of warm air and thus maintain body heat.
  • Layer 3: Outer - Being windproof and rainproof is what makes a coat a good coat, as well as being able to withstand vigorous play time and time again. PO.P knows that this rainwear should be easy to open, and easy to close in sudden wind, rain or snow.

Right now, PO.P has got a great deal on outerwear: when you buy a wind and waterproof coat, you can buy the inner fleece at half price:

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