Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I have to say, once I became a mom I thought of everything in an entirely different way. Throughout my pregnancy I found myself more aware of what I was eating, as well as what I was using on my body. Everything from lotions to foods...I knew that I needed to provide the very best start to life for our little one that I possibly could. Then, after having Kaelyn, I did the same thing with the things I use on her and the foods I feed her. I search for everything from BPA free eating utensils and tableware to organic foods and organic skin and body care products.

One of our favorite brands of supplies to use on Kaelyn is Earth Mama Angel Baby® Organics! If you've never heard of them or tried them, you really should! They offer natural pregnancy products, baby products, and postpartum products that you won't find anywhere else! Using this line of products has really put my mind at ease knowing that I am using the very best shampoos, body washes, diaper salves, etc for her. Whether it's items like this, or stretch mark oil and breastfeeding care products....Earth Mama Angel Baby® Organics has it all! It's definitely worth the money to use something that's 100% safe for me and Kaelyn.

Deluxe Natural Baby Gift Basket

  1. Cascia February 26, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

    I love organic baby care products! Thank you for sharing.

    I just found your blog on entrecard. I really enjoyed reading this post.

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