Posted by Jenna | Monday, February 23, 2009

As Kaelyn gets older she is adding more and more words to her vocabulary. We always say that she learns a word a day, and that really is no exaggeration. Each day it seems she is saying something new. One of her most recent words is "bubble" or "bubbos" as she says it. We spent some time at my parents over the past week while Scott was away for work, and Kaelyn was thrilled when Grammy got out her bubble blower. She had never played with bubbles so this was an exciting and new experience for her. She enjoyed watching them float in the air, as well as chase after them and try to catch them. It was so cute to watch her! After seeing how much she enjoyed this, I definitely think we'll have to get ourselves a bubble blower as well....especially this summer when it's nicer outside...she will have a lot of fun with something like that. A bubble blower is probably on my list of definite "Mommy Must-Haves"!


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