Summer Infant Travel Bed and Sooth & Vibe ~ Review

Posted by Renee S. | Tuesday, July 29, 2014

*The products for this review were provided by Summer Infant.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way

Infant Travel Bed

Jake and I love to travel, and with family spread out in Iowa, Colorado, and California we do a lot of it!  We always try to take as little as possible to make getting around easier, but with a little one we’ve learned that there really is no such thing as traveling ‘light’.  It always amazes me how much you need for such a little person!  I love when I find products that help make traveling easier, and Summer Infant’s Travel Bed is definitely one of those products.

The travel bed arrived folded up with the carry strap attached.  I was really impressed at how compact it was and how comfortable it was to carry.  Setting it up was so simple, just undo the Velcro attachment and unfold.  I love the neutral, modern colors and the quality of the materials.  Not only would this bed be great for traveling, but also for diaper changes on the go (especially for those squirmy little ones…the toy bar and the sides help keep your little one content and contained!)    

The bed comes with a premium mattress and a removable, washable sheet.  Also, the fabric on the sides and bottom allow it to be wiped clean with damp cloth and soap when needed.  I really appreciate that they have made it not only convenient to carry on the go, but also easy to clean. Another feature of the bed are the padded, structured side supports, which help prevent baby from rolling out.

The toy bar is another feature I really like about this bed.  It’s simple, but has just enough to keep baby entertained and content.  It easily detaches so you can choose when to use it/not use it.

I think this travel bed is a really great product for families on-the-go.  It is lightweight yet still sturdy, very portable, and great quality.  I love that instead of tearing down/setting up the pack-and-play, you can just grab this small, super portable bed instead!  Whether you’re flying to your destination or traveling in the car, this bed can easily be taken with you and make things a little more convenient! 

Sooth and Vibe

When we're out and about with Aliyah, it can be hard to soothe her to sleep when naptime hits. I've discovered that playing music or calming sounds on my phone will help, which means I'm often trying to creatively rig up my phone in the stroller or holding it over the car seat while on the road (don’t worry, not when I'm the one driving of course!). Summer Infant provides a great solution to this little issue with their portable Sooth and Vibe.

The Soothe and Vibe is a small, battery powered unit that can attach to baby’s car seat or stroller to help comfort your little one on-the-go.  The vibrations combined with the unit’s white noise, lullaby and heart beat sounds will help baby stay calm during a long commute or when you’re stuck out and about during naptime.  

There are two attachment options: hook and loops or retractable clips, both allow you to attach and detach the unit very easily. I love that I can quickly take it from my diaper bag, to car seat, to stroller when needed.  The retractable clips allow you to attach the unit to most infant items including cribs, bassinets, play yards, etc. 

The Sooth and Vibe plays 5 songs/sound and has adjustable volume and vibration speeds.  One feature I appreciate is the automatic 20-minute shutoff; it’s nice not having to worry about leaving it on and cause the batteries to wear out!  

Summer Infant has created two great on-the-go products.  If you are looking for ways to make getting out and about with your little one a little easier, I would definitely recommend checking out them out!

Buy It:  The Infant Travel Bed and Soothe & Vibe can be purchased online at 

  1. Rebecca Parsons July 30, 2014 at 11:45 PM  

    wow where was this when my kids were babies. It is really neat and love that it vibrates and soothes. Would be great for my oldest daughter who is going to have her first.

  2. LauraJJ July 31, 2014 at 3:05 PM  

    Oh wow! I cannot believe how small it folds up and with the shoulder strap! Awesome! I love that the sheet is removable and washable!

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