State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program ~ It's Time to Vote!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, May 12, 2014

**I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for State Farm. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

When my husband switched jobs, we began looking for a new home. This meant moving our family to a new town. We were looking for a smaller community that we felt fit us best. I am so thankful that we found the town we did, it is everything we wanted in a place to raise our family and more!

The communities we grow up in help play a role in shaping who we are as adults. I am thankful to have grown up in a community that was tight knit and one where working together was common. I want to give my children those same experiences to instill community values and encourage them to participate in team efforts like fundraising and volunteering. As an adult, I too want to help have positive impact on my community, making it a safe and fun place for my kids to grow up.

State Farm agrees with how important this is. They want to connect individuals and communities with local non-profits to build safer, better-educated communities with its Neighborhood Assist program. This program invites people to submit a cause about which they're passionate and have a chance to receive funding towards this cause to help make a positive impact in their neighborhood. 

If my community were eligible in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist voting, I would like to see the donations fund a new playground. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood, but because of where we live in town it's difficult for the kids to play at nearby playgrounds. I think it would be a positive addition to our community and one that many families would not only use, but appreciate. It would bring people together and give our children a place where they can have fun and build relationships.

Communities across the United States and Canada answered the call from State Farm to help create a positive impact in their community and submitted 4,000 causes as part of this year's State Farm Neighborhood Assist. Now the top 200 causes have been selected by the State and they need assistance to help vote them into the top 40. Until May 16th, anyone who has the free State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app can vote daily for their favorite cause, or causes, to help bring $25,000 to the top 40 vote getters!!

I downloaded the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app, one of the causes I voted on was Build-A-Bed. A bed is a luxury many people take for granted, and Iv'e never really thought about how many children may be living in a home without enough beds, or none at all. Quality sleep is important, especially for children which is why this cause caught my attention. They would use the funds to build 140 twin size beds that would be given to 140 children in this specific region. What a great idea!

You can check out the different causes by downloading the facebook app as well. It's super easy! I would also encourage you to vote here on your favorite causes in this years Neighborhood Assist program as well.

  1. rj7777 May 13, 2014 at 9:45 PM  

    This is interesting. It must be like a grant they are giving the communities with the most votes. I like that State Farm is doing this. Thanks for the information about it. Rita Spratlen

  2. lil_lady_dz May 15, 2014 at 2:03 AM  

    Great program to get people involved with there communities. It also gives people a chance to get out and experience new things while helping.

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