Easter is coming up. It's springtime once again - time to see the flowers blooming. Time to shoo away winter. Time to embrace the sun and get ready for summer. Time for eggs. Eggs? Yes, eggs. Any Easter celebration worth its salt will have time carved out for a good, old-fashioned, Easter egg hunt. If you get creative, you can make this a fun all-day event and something cheap and easy for you and your friends to do. It's also great exercise. 

Start with either real or plastic eggs. Real eggs are more authentic, and they're fun to color. Plastic eggs are a little more practical, but they don't have the authentic cool factor going for them. Either way, here are three ways to mix it up on the big day. 

The Basic Egg Hunt

This one is easy. Hide eggs all over the place, in your back yard or out in the woods. If you plan on being outside all day, take food and a sports drink with you. Some good options include nuts, seeds, jerky, and something with electrolytes in it. Even if it's cold out, there's a good chance you'll be sweating from all of the activity. If you're lazy, you can also just buy something from places like SportPursuit.com

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt for eggs can be fun and challenging for everyone. Take turns hiding eggs and finding them. It's a bit of a twist on the straight-up egg hunt. Start out drawing straws or something. The person who "loses" can be the person who hides all the eggs. You can even up the ante a little and mark one of the eggs as the "true" Easter egg - the one to find. 

Then, when the hunt is over, switch it up. You can really do this all day long, and it's a fun way to pass the time. Plus, how many days out of the year can you really get away with playing "hide and seek" with eggs?

Have a Friendly Little Competition

Maybe you want to get competitive with this game. Create a prize for the person who finds the most eggs, a "marked egg," or who finds the most eggs within a given timeframe. 

It doesn't have to be a straight-up egg hunt. You could do time-trials and see who comes out on top. Maybe the winner gets a gift certificate or money or just a trophy you have made up in advance by a trophy shop. 

If you round up enough people, this could become a huge community event. You might even be able to start a trend in your city or town. If you own your own land, or one of the participants does, you can really get creative with the hiding without risking getting into trouble for trespassing on others' property. Alternatively, you could use state parks or lands - just make sure that this sort of thing is legit where you live. Park rangers tend to be very serious people. 

Sonia Holcomb is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. When not hiking with her kids, she enjoys creating nutritious meals and finding innovative ways to keep her family active and fun.


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