**The product for this review/giveaway was provided by Summer Infant. All opinions are my own.

Over the years we've learned which baby products we needed and which we could live without. At the top of our must-have list is a video baby monitor! It is one of those items I wouldn't want to be without (even now as my kids are getting older), and recommend it to new moms all the time...especially the monitors from Summer Infant!

With the mission of making this 'the best time of your life' and putting their heart and soul into everything they design, Summer Infant is dedicated to bringing parents a large selection of products that are both safe and sensible for little ones. Between their high quality baby products and excellent customer service, they have become a name parents know and trust.

We own many Summer Infant products and love the high quality they provide! With everything from health and safety products to bath and feeding...they have everything parents are looking for! 

When asked if I'd like to review the Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor, I couldn't wait to test it out! 


  • 100% digital technology for privacy and security
  • Touch screen 
  • Ability to add up to 4 cameras 
  • 3.5" high resolution color video and black and white night vision
  • pan and scan camera 
  • Two-way communication to talk to baby 
  • Temperature reading on screen 
  • Nightlight with remote on/off
  • Recharge docking base
  • Built in belt click and kick stand
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Wall mounting hardware
Out of the box I found it includes the handheld monitor, magnetic recharging base, day and night camera, 6 wall clips and 2 power adapters. This is everything we needed to get it up and running.

Getting started couldn't have been easier. We simply plugged in the camera and set it on a flat surface. It does come with wall mounting hardware but we just set it right on a dresser and it has worked great!

We plugged the magnetic recharging base in, in our bedroom. The monitor sits nicely on the base and there's a battery power indicator at the top which lets us know when it's charging. We obviously leave it on the base and by our bed at night when we're all sleeping, but I LOVE that the monitor is portable for me to carry around when the kids are napping during the day! There's a belt clip if I want it close by, or a kick stand for tabletop convenience as well.

The touch screen interface is also great! With the touch of the screen, many of the different options available pop up. It's extremely user friendly and super convenient! From the screen we're able to pan, scan and zoom! There's even automatic motion tracking which will follow baby's movements as well! It's nice to be able to see Caysen wherever he is in his room!

Not only that, but we can talk to him too! This is one of my favorite features because it allows us to talk with him without having to walk all the way into his room to see what he needs. The two-way communication is great for talking to baby or when they're older, for them to talk to you! The sound is clear and I've noticed that since the microphone focuses on the child's sounds it filters out the background noise!

A couple of other features right on the screen that I have been really impressed with is the temperature reading display and the nightlight with remote on/off. The temperature is unique and something I haven't seen any other monitors. It's great for those with little ones who want to make sure the room is warm and comfortable. I like it for Caysen especially because he has a cold bedroom. I've often wondered if it's too cold, so having this feature has really given me peace of mind. 

The night light is also very useful. It's nice if you want a little added light in the room and what I love is that it can be turned off or on right from the unit. 

All of these features are great, but what I've been most impressed with is the picture quality! There have been no interference problems and the 3.5" high resolution color video and automatic black and white night vision are crisp and clear.  I've been amazed how well I can see Caysen, even at night. 

Of course, the fact that it also offers 100% digital technology for privacy and security is also very much appreciated! 

And, if you have more than one child, it is expandable and can have up to 4 cameras hooked up to it! How neat is that?! Extra cameras can be purchased separately at Babies R Us.

Overall I've been really impressed with this baby monitor. It's my top-pick and one that I now recommend to new moms who are looking for a great monitor. Featuring an innovative, high res color video screen and easy to use touchscreen, this Baby Touch 2 truly is one of a kind. It gives parents control right at their fingertips and peace of mind that they can see and talk to baby both day and night. 

With Christmas around the corner, this is definitely a video monitor I would recommend as a gift idea for new parents! 

Buy It: You can purchase the Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor at BabiesRUs for $199.99 

WIN IT: One very lucky reader is going to win a Baby Touch 2 Digital Color Video Monitor! 

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