**I was provided the following products from Johnson's Baby and TheMotherhood to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

With snow in our forecast I am beginning to realize that winter will be here before we know it! How is that possible?! I feel like the school year just started, and now soon Kaelyn will be on winter break!! Time sure flies!

Although I'm not a big fan of the bitter cold and icy conditions winter brings here in the midwest, I do enjoy some cold-weather activities with my family each year. One of those is building a snowman! It may sound simple, but all three of my kids (including my husband and I) love to do this (multiple times) with the kids each winter! I'm not sure what they like more...rolling the snowballs or getting to put the finishing touches on Frosty like a carrot nose and scarf to keep him warm. It's all a lot of fun!

We also enjoy sledding with the kids. Our home is on a corner, and the snowplows that plow our streets end up pushing all of the snow onto the corner of our yard. By mid-winter it is one of the largest piles of snow any yard has around us and the kids love to sled down it.

These are a couple of the fun winter activities we like to do as a family, but unfortunately winter also bring some things I don't like so well, too! With the cold weather also comes extremely dry skin that is hard to keep moisturized. Myself and my sons struggle with this the most this time of year! I am always looking for a way to help prevent and relieve it, which is why I was excited when introduced to a new product from Johnson's Baby thanks to TheMotherhood!

We were sent a gift basket with several great Johnson's Baby Products, including the new Intense Moisture Cream which I was really looking forward to trying on my boys (and myself!). What I noticed about this cream right away, was that it has a light scent. Not overpowering, but just nice.

I was also impressed with how rich and creamy it feels as I rub it onto my own skin, and my boys. At the same time it feels light and absorbs into the skin quickly. I love how smoothly it goes on and in the time I've been using it, it seems to help a lot. Anytime Kaden (who has the most dry skin of us all) complains of dry or itchy skin, I've been putting a little bit of this cream on and he says it feels better almost right away!

He has very sensitive skin to products, and this one is gentle enough that it doesn't irritate his skin at all. I love that! Not to mention the fact that it really seems to lock in moisture and provide long-lasting relief from dry skin!

I've been impressed with the Intense Moisture Cream and am looking forward to enjoying our favorite winter activities without discomfort dry skin getting in the way!

If you'd like to learn more, I will be participating in a one-hour Twitter party with Johnson's Baby and TheMotherhood on Wednesday November 13, at 2pm ET (hastag #JohnsonsBaby). We will be talking about our favorite winter activities and protecting babies' skin from dry, cold weather!

Win It: Thanks to Johnson's Baby and TheMotherhood, one lucky reader is going to win a Johnson's Baby product gift basket like the one I received (including Johnson's Baby intense Moisture Cream)!

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