**I participated in this program on behalf of The Fred Rogers Company and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Growing up one of my favorite television shows was Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I always loved the positive message, story lines and of course, the catchy tunes! That's why I love that my kids enjoy Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood from PBS! It's one of the most engaging, educational and beloved children's programs around...not to mention family-friendly! YAY!

I've learned that it was very important to the producers to maintain the nostalgia from the original series as they reimagined it for today's audience. Both shows open with characters who put on signature red sweaters and shoes. There are also miniature models from Mr. Roger's Land of Make Believe seen in the background of Daniel!! How neat is that?!

As a fan of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood myself, and knowing how much my kids enjoy the program, I was excited to learn that they now have a Daniel Tiger Toy line. When asked if I'd like to participate in a product review and help spread the word, I was thrilled!

To start, I was able to participate in a briefing session with several other bloggers as well as Roberta Schomburg, PhD, Child Development Consultant for The Fred Rogers Company, Chris Loggins, Productin Manager, The Fred Rogers Company, Tim Sabba, Jakks Pacific/TollyTots, and more! To say I was excited is an understatement!

I learned a lot about the show, as well as the new toy line! Since children are starting pretend play between 18-36 months old, it's great to find quality toys that encourage their creativity and imaginations. Toys build curiosity and investigation in children which is exactly what the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood toys do!

Every toy is made to inspire creativity and imagination. They allow for open-ended play and are perfect for 2-5 year olds especially! We received the Bungalow Adventure and a Daniel Tiger Plush doll! 

The playset is so neat! This cozy bungalow is the perfect place for kids to set the furniture and use their imaginations! I see them imitating the things they see on the show a lot, as well as taking the shows they've seen and expanding upon them by using their creativity and imaginations. It's so fun to watch!

I love the open design of the house. It's perfect for my kids' little hands and they love all the fun details like the door and windows! 

Another feature I appreciate is the fact that everything that comes with it fits right inside, so clean up is easy and we are sure not to lose anything. It also makes it easy to take from one room to another to play with. My almost 4 year old especially loves this toy!

Then there's the Daniel Tiger Plush which my 2 year old is in love with! He is adorable and looks just like Daniel from the show!  This cozy, cuddly plush tiger is great for snuggling as well as for playing make believe. He's a favorite in our house! 

Some of the other Daniel Tiger Toys available are:

We have been really happy with the Daniel Tiger toys and are thrilled that there are more available. I definitely see buying more in the future. They would make great gift ideas!

Buy It: Daniel Tiger Toys are exclusively available at Toys R Us. 


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