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Kaelyn is getting older and enjoys activities and toys that not only allow for open-ended play and creativity, but those that challenge her. That's why I knew the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build 'n Play Super Star Stage would be perfect for her!


  •  A buildable multi-story out-of-this-world concert set
  • Two super star modes - Play 1 of 4 Barbie songs with flashing lights, or play your own music and watch the lights react for a real concert experience.
  • An incredible amount of buildable accessories like a 5-panel stage platform, stage elevator, 3 glittering block stands, set pieces, scaffolding, sparkling blocks and stairs, backstage area and television camera
  • Includes Super Star Barbies
  • Can be combined with all the Mega Bloks Barbie® sets to build a fabulous world of fashion, friends and fun!  
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Kaelyn is a girly girl and loves all things Barbie. I was thrilled to learn she was going to have the opportunity to test it out. 
When it arrived both she and Kaden were excited. There's something about MegaBloks that all of my kids enjoy. These are smaller pieces and ideal for kids aged 5-10 , so we worked on it at a time when Caysen was not around. 

Upon opening the box I was amazed at how many pieces it included.There were typical blocks, as well as special concert pieces like silver scaffolding, glittering blocks and a sparkling disco ball. There's even a stage elevator, large video screen, keyboard, guitar and so much more!

The instructions were very user-friendly and made putting the huge Build n' Play Super Star Stage together very easy. With all the pieces though, it did take Kaelyn and I about an hour to get put together. She loved every minute! She enjoyed the challenge and got very excited as she saw the whole thing starting to come together. I thought it was pretty neat too. 

This 2-story stage is perfect for any little girl who loves Barbie and using her imagination. Kaelyn loves playing with the four little Barbies including and directing the concert. Mode One lets her start up the real multi-color flashing lights and change between four different songs as Barbie and her friends play. Mode Two lets you choose the music. She can play or sing along to the songs and the concert lights will flash right along with the music.
I knew this would be a toy right up Kaelyn's alley, but had no idea how many hours would be spent playing with it. Both she and Kaden enjoy it. 
If you have a child ages 5-10 I would definitely recommend checking out the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build 'n Play Super Star Stage! It would make a great gift idea!

Buy It: You can purchase the Barbie® Build 'n Play Super Star Stage for $69.99.

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