Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organics ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, September 25, 2013

*The products for this review were provided by Good Boy Organics. All opinions are my own. 

As a mom I want to give my kids the very best start in life. This means making sure they get enough rest, exercise, and of course, a nutritious diet. Over the years I have become more educated on the ingredients in our foods and want to feed my family the best organic products out there. I'm still learning and always love to be introduced to new companies and products. That's why I was thrilled to come across Good Boy Organics.

Good Boy Organics was founded in 2012 by the people of Integrated Organics Company and Integrated Global Organics. With experience in finding the best organic products out there and distributing them all over the US, Good Boy Organics has strong relationships with the best producers and processors across the blog. This allows them to streamline supply channels and provide the greatest quality, competitively priced, certified organic products to you and your family.

The more I learned about this company, the more I loved! I appreciate that they are dedicated to providing Certified Organic and Non-GMO products for families. When asked if our family would like to try their Cheddar Cheese Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack, I was more than happy to!
When the two bags of Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snacks arrived, my kids were just as excited to try them out as I was. They saw the dinosaurs on the front and they were sold! I love that this snack caters to kids. They enjoy snacks, but often want the foods I'm not wild about them eating. This however, was something we could all agree on!

We eat quite a bit of organic food, some of which is good and others that are more bland. I was curious as to how these cheddar cheese snacks would go over so the kids and I pulled them out for the very next snack time that day.
This full-flavored snack definitely impressed us. The flavor is great and the kids could not get enough. They LOVE them! I was pleasantly surprised, too. Not only are these little dinosaurs certified organic, gluten free, and non-GMO but they also taste GREAT! It's not every day I'm able to find all of that in one snack my family will love. YAY! Thank you Good Boy Organics! Every bite is full of real cheddar cheese and other organic ingredients, and very flavorful. And, It's the only cheese corn puff on the market that can say it's USDA Organic!
They've been a great snack to put in Kaelyn's lunch once in a while too!

We've been really happy with the Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snacks from Good Boy Organics. In fact, we've been so impressed that we look forward to buying some of their BOPS Baked Organic Potato Snacks to try at some point too! Healthy food has really never been this fun! We're big fans and would definitely recommend Good Boy Organics to other families looking for delicious, healthy foods.
Buy It: You can visit the Good Boy Organics website to find locations of stores near you where you can buy their products!

You can also connect with Good Boy Organics on Twitter and Facebook.


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