Use your Mobile Phones to Save lots of Money ~ Guest Post

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 01, 2013

One of the best gadgets today that almost all of us carry every day is none other than the trusty mobile phone. This gadget could help us in many ways first and foremost, with communication. Mobile phones today can give us features more than just to make and receive calls, make and send text messages, and connect us with the internet. Features like navigating, gaming, multimedia, and many more can be used from mobile phones. And now, mobile phones can even be used to help us in saving money.

Aside from saving tips in limiting call minutes, getting free text messages, and connecting to the internet for free, there are other ways in which mobile phones can help us in saving money. Today, there are mobile phone applications that one can easily download and install in order to help the user to get money saving deals and tips. These applications can be in many forms like giving out deals, organizing your spending, and many more. To know more about these applications, here are some of them that could help you in saving your hard earned money.

1. Shopkick – this is an application that you may download in your mobile phone to help you get savings every time you do something that is related to something. Shopkick will earn you “Kicks” every time you walk in to a store, scan item barcodes, and availing items. Kicks are points you earned when doing such tasks and are redeemable. You can get awards like gift cards that you may use in many stores like Old Navy, Best Buy, Target, etc.

2. Bill Assistant – this application will help you organize your upcoming bills. You will be able to get notification if an upcoming billing date is approaching, the amount you will need to pay, give record of your payments, etc. With the reminders it gives, you can easily know when you will need to pay your bills that will help you save money from late fees and more.

3. Cloud – if you are a heavy data user then this application can surely help you save money. Cloud is a Wi-Fi finder that can help you connect to free hotspot almost everywhere. You may also make use of this application to automatically connect to thousands of Cloud hotspots to help you save money for not using your mobile phone’s data connection.

4. Ibotta – this app had somehow become the talk of the nation. The application will not only save you money but will even help you earn it. With the use of the app, you will easily see money saving offers from the partnered stores. You will also have the chance to watch promotional videos, answer some questions, etc. for you to earn money. You can get the amount of money you had earned in this application through your PayPal account.

5. SnipSnap – the application will help you carry coupons in your mobile phone. All you have to do is snap a photo, scan it and save the coupon. You can show this saved coupons to the store in which you can use and avail its offer. You can also make use of the application to search for thousands of coupons available for you. You may find things like Boost Mobile promo code and more when using this application to save big money for your purchases.

  1. frugalfred August 4, 2013 at 6:53 PM  

    a big complaint about smartphones is that they've helped to kill off privacy. while there is some truth to this, it can depend entirely on how you use it. I'd suggest to someone that they don't have their entire life connected to it, and instead have it serve some purposes but not all (such as using apps to help you save money and spend wisely!) I'm almost surprised that coupon clipping still exists, with mobile phones and all of those helpful apps. Cub Foods, to my knowledge still only has an app for the iPhone and not Android phones. :-( But these apps you mentioned sound good.

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