The Tommee Tippee Perfect prep™ Machine ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 22, 2013

**The product for this review was provided by Tommee Tippee. All opinions are my own.

Having a baby is such a joyous time. It is also a very busy time full of diaper changes, feedings, playtime and naps. That's why it's nice to find products that help the daily routine run a bit smoother, making it easier to balance it all. I'm excited to share a new must-have product for parents who have babies on formula...Tommee Tippee's new Perfect Prep machine.

The Perfect Prep Machine is specially designed to make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate.


  • Makes a fresh bottle at correct temperature in less than 2 minutes
  • Filter system removes impurities present in water
  • Initial hot shot of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula
  • Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution

When I learned we were going to have the opportunity to review the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine and share about it with all of you, I was looking forward to it! We don't currently have a bottle fed baby, but my niece is on formula and visits often. So we've been able to test it out with her and see how great it really is! 

When it arrived, I was impressed with how compact it is. It is very attractive in appearance and something that a person could easily have sitting out on their counter without it being an eye-sore.

Of course, I couldn't wait to see how it worked! Before using the unit for the first time, we needed to run a cleaning cycle. This takes about 10 minutes and is done for hygiene and safety reasons.  Once it is clean, it's ready to use!

Once we were ready to make our first bottle, we first had to make sure that the water tank was above the minimum fill mark. When then turned teh dial to select the feed size (4fl oz - 11 fl oz). I love that there's different options, depending on the size you require. 
We then positioned the bottle under the dispenser. One feature I love is that there's a way to adjust the bottle stand if necessary depending on the bottle size. How neat is that?!

After we got everything in place, I pressed the start/stop button and the red light flashed while some hot water was dispensed into the bottle. The light then changed to solid red with a double beep to let me know the first stage was over. At this point I had 2 minutes to make up the feed.
I removed the bottle, measured out the correct number of scoops of formula into the bottle, shook it with the storage lid on. 
I then removed the lid and replaced the bottle on the bottle stand. I was ready for stage two, and pressed the start/stop button again. The red light went out and turned to a flashing green light. The remainder of the water was dispensed at this time. Once it was complete, there was a double beep sound and the green light went to solid. I really appreciate these indicators so parents know what to do next.
It really is that easy to use! There are even convenient warning lights along the front to let you know when the water filter needs to be changed, when the water tank is hot, the water level is low, it needs to be de-scaled and when it's in cleaning mode. 
My sister-in-law helped me test it out the first time with my niece and she commented on how much she appreciates the water filter feature. It's nice to have a filter system that removes impurities present in the water, built right in to the unit. 
I also like just how convenient it is for parents to make a bottle! It makes sure that you have the correct amount and a fresh bottle at the correct temperature, every time! I am amazed how easy it is, and how well it works. I could definitely see parents who formula feed, liking this a lot! It would be a great option for mothers, dads, and caretakers of any kind.

We also receives the newest bottle from Tommee Tippee - the Added Comfort Bottle. The bottles are designed to help prevent colic caused by air bubbles in the milk. It has superior venting and an award winning nipple for easy latch on which reduces the risk of baby ingesting air. We've had no problem when using it with my niece. It has worked great! My niece had no complaints :)

Buy It: The Tommee Tippee Perfect prep™ machine is available at exclusively Babies "R" Us stores and online: for $149.99.



  1. fullchat jai August 22, 2013 at 11:41 PM  

    I love this post !! totally kewl!!! Well done! I’m coming back to this one..

  2. ALee September 3, 2013 at 1:37 PM  

    I don't know. Making a bottle is not that hard and this seems to make it a lot more complicated.

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