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Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, August 06, 2013

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Summer is a time for shorts and swimsuits, which means more time spent shaving. As I've mentioned before, as a busy mom of three, I hardly have time to shower once a day, let alone take time to shave too! It doesn't get done nearly as often as I would like it to, which is why I like to keep an eye out for other options to make balancing my daily routine a little bit easier. 

There are different hair removal options like razors, waxing and laser hair treatments out there...but I don't have the time, money, or pain tolerance to upkeep smooth, silky legs with these. That's why I was happy when introduced to the Remington i-LIGHT Pro a couple of months ago. 

Remington has proudly introduced their innovative hair removal system, iLIGHT Pro, to help remove and reduce growth of unwanted hair on arms, legs, bikini line, underarms, stomach and chest. 

The i-LIGHT Pro is an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device that doesn't cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin's surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing. It features exclusive ProPulse technology with the highest flash rate for speedy hair removal, most often lasting up to six months!

As I shared with you in June, I was thrilled when given the opportunity to test out the i-LIGHT Pro for myself and wanted to share with you my experience and results. 

When it comes to using this device, it has been very easy and the instruction manual has made it even easier!

1) To start one must clean, shave and dry the skin before use. This makes for a more comfortable treatment, minimizing the sensation felt from the flashes. It works below the skin, so the system is still effective even if hairs are not clearly visible.

2) I then plug the i-LIGHT Pro into the wall socket and turn it on. Every time it's turned on, it starts in a locked mode for safety. The Skin Tone Sensor LED blinks and delivers a series of audible "beeps". The i-Light Pro cannot be used until it is unlocked. 

To unlock the unit, I simply place the area I'd like to treat against the skin sensor to test. This helps to confirm whether my skin is too dark to treat or not. Since some areas are darker than others on the body, it's important to be sure and test the area you're wanting to treat to make sure it's safe to use. 
As I mentioned in my previous post, the i-LIGHT Pro is not meant for everyone. It works best on medium to darker hair colors and will not work on light colored hair like white and grey (and less-effective on blonde and red colors). It is also not to be used on dark skin or over tattoos. 

3) Once the system is unlocked, it is set to the lowest energy level setting and ready for use. 
The Energy Level Selection Display lights determine the intensity of the light flash delivered to your skin, from the lowest level (*) to the highest level (*****). Higher levels improve hair removal results, but may be less comfortable. It is suggested that you should use the highest setting that's comfortable to get the best results. 

I have pretty sensitive skin and have found some areas I can only use it at the lowest setting, while others on my lower leg, I can use at a 2 or 3. 

4) Next it's time to use the unit. To use, simply apply the hand piece to the skin making sure the skin is spread evenly and smoothly. The skin contact sensors must be in full contact with the skin for the system to work. Once the skin contact sensors are in full contact with the skin, a series of high-pitched beeps will sound, indicating the system is ok to flash. 
5) At this point, I press the flash button. The system will flash a pulse of light onto the skin. I wouldn't consider it painful, but depending on the energy level and area of the skin, it can be a little uncomfortable. To me, it feels like a sensation of warmth and mild tingling, like a light snap of a rubberband.
Once a flash is delivered, I move the hand piece to a new treatment location while keeping the flash button pressed down. It's important to treat in an organized, grid-like pattern to ensure you cover all the hairs in the intended treatment area. I think it takes time, with use and practice I'm getting better at doing this. 

It really is quite easy to use, and doesn't take as long as I had expected it to, to use each time. In the time I've had the i-LIGHT Pro, I've done 3 treatments...every 2 weeks, and then only as needed. 

I have found that it's not something that works quickly, but over time, I have noticed slight changes. My hair does not seem to grow back as quickly in the areas I've used the i-LIGHT Pro on, and it doesn't seem to be as thick either. I haven't seen the results I thought I might after 3 treatments, but I do believe everyone is different and that it takes time. The fact that I have noticed a slight change is enough motivation for me to keep trying it. After all, what busy mom wouldn't want to shave less and possibly have results last up to 6 months! 

I'm hoping with time to see even better results so that I can spend less time worrying about shaving, especially during the summertime! Since I have seen some results in the couple of months that I've been using the i-LIGHT Pro, I would recommend it as a device for other busy moms to consider when looking for a hair removal method, other than having to shave several times a week! 

You can learn more about the Remington i-LIGHT Pro, here. There's even an i-LIGHT Pro app to log your treatments, set up reminders and even buy replacement cartridges!

Buy It: The Remington i-LIGHT Pro retails for $249.99.
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