Pretend & Play Gym Bag from Learning Resources ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 15, 2013

I love to sit back and listen to my kids playing. They are at such fun ages right now where their imaginations run wild! I am always on the lookout for fun toys that will encourage their creativity while they engage in pretend play, all while being fun and educational at the same time. That's why I love Learning Resources!

The leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms and learning toys for the home, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for educators and parents for more than 25 years! With a diverse product line of over 1300 products focusing on everything from mathematics, science, early childhood, reading,'s no wonder Learning Resources is a name known around the world.

I have been a fan of Learning Resources since the day I started teaching. My love and appreciation for their high quality, educational product selection carried over to my own home once I had children! We have a collection of Learning Resources toys and activities that we play with daily. That's why I was excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the Pretend & Play Gym Bag.

  • Lightweight dumbbell allows children to mimic real exercises safely 
  • Sturdy duffel bag stores gear while supporting fine-motor practice
  • Includes functioning lock & key set as well as water bottle with removeable lid
  • Share quality time together while teaching the importance of staying healthy
When our Gym Bag arrived, I think I was just as excited as the kids were to check it out! I love that it gets children to use their imaginations and engage in pretend play, all while encouraging them to live a healthy life-style and working on important skills such as buckles, zips, buttons, laces ties, snaps and other fine-motor skills!

Right away I could tell the bag was excellent quality. It's sturdy and something that will hold up to a lot of use. Not only that, but I love that it easily stores all the gear that comes with it. This helps us keep everything together when it's not being used! YAY for organization and storage!

Aside from the bag, I was super excited about all of the fun things that are a part of this fun set. There are balls (which my boys LOVE), a functioning lock and key set, a water bottle with removeable lid, Write and Wipe exercise chart, and a favorite in our house...a lightweight dumbell.


Seriously, this bag has it all! My kids were tickled that the water bottle actually had a removeable lid. They also enjoy tossing the balls to each other and mimicking real exercises safely with the lightweight dumbell.
It's fun to see them doing the exercises on the workout chart and then showing me their growing muscles. :)

The functioning lock and key is also a lot of fun. Even my little Caysen enjoys working on his fine-motor practice while trying to use the keys to open it!
Overall we've been really impressed with the Pretend & Play Gym Bag from Learning Resources. It gives kids the opportunity to work on various important skills, as well as teaches them the importance of staying healthy. It's fun to sit back and listen to them as they play with this gym bag daily, all while seeing that they really are exercising and being active while having fun!
I would definitely recommend checking out his product from Learning Resources. It would make a great gift idea for any young child.

Buy It: You can purchase the Pretend & Play Gym Bag from Learning Resources for $34.99.

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