Learning Resources Magnetic Time Tracker ~ Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, May 28, 2013

**The product for this review/giveaway was provided by Learning Resources. All opinions are my own.

As a teacher, I used to find it helpful to have a timer on hand to help keep order in my classroom. The kids had a schedule, so they knew what came next and the timer helped with transitions. I appreciated the structure and so did they. Even though I am now a stay at home mom and not teaching, a timer is something that comes in handy with my kids at home...just as it did my students. That's why I'm thankful for Learning Resources!

The leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms and learning toys for the home, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for educators and parents for more than 25 years! With a diverse product line of over 1300 products focusing on everything from mathematics, science, early childhood, reading, etc...it's no wonder Learning Resources is a name known around the world.

As many of you already know, I am a big fan of Learning Resources. I was introduced to this fantastic company when I was teaching, and have been using and buying their products ever since! I have had teh opportunity to work with Learning Resources on several reviews in the past and was happy to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review another of their great products.

I was sent their Magnetic Time Tracker for review!

  • Features clear, 3 color lighted display and simple-to-program alarms (1 second to 24 hours)
  • Adheres to any magnetic surface
  • Alarms can be visual, audio or both
  • Flip-out stand for tabletop use
  • Measure 7"L x 5"H x 1.5"W
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and 3 LR44 button-cell batteries (included)
 When our Magnetic Time Tracker arrived, I was excited to check it out.

The size is just perfect and my favorite feature right away, was the fact that it's magnetic and adheres to any magnetic surface! Once I had the batteries in, we were ready to use it! A timer comes in most handy for us when the kids are picking up their rooms and playroom. These are all in the lower level of our home, and I have been needing to find a good place to put a timer for a while now. We didn't really have anywhere I could set it that the kids wouldn't mess with it...that is, until we were introduced to this wonderful magnetic timer from Learning Resources!
A while back I put a new oil drip pan up on the wall so the kids could use their magnets on it in the playroom. It's perfect (especially since our refrigerator is stainless steel and not magnetic). They love it! They can't reach the top, so it's the ideal place to keep the timer. This is where the timer comes in the most handy anyways, so I was happy to have found a great place for it that the kids wouldn't mess with it in between uses. YAY!

And, even if you don't have a magnetic surface to put it on, it does have a flip-out stand for tabletop use as well!

Aside from being magnetic, I love that this timer is easy to use! After reading through the included instructions, we tested it out! First I set the clock, then set the timer. To do this, I had to press enter, then set - then simply set the length of time I wanted the green light to be on the timer for. After setting this, the word Alert came up, which allowed me to set a time frame for the yellow light to come on so it would alert the kids that they had 5 minutes left to pick up before dinner. I even had the choice whether I wanted sound or not!

I love the "alert" setting because it's a great reminder for the kids to clean up and how much time they have left before it needs to be done. I used to just give them verbal cues, but this is much easier!

Once the time is up, the red light comes on. And, if sound is chosen, there's even an audible countdown the last 5 seconds and an alarm that goes off at the end.

It's really that simple to use! It's easy to change the time if I want it longer or shorter, and I love that I can adjust the volume and sounds as needed too. The kids love it also. It helps to keep them on task and is something they actually ask for me to use. They enjoy using it to help encourage them to see how quickly they can clean up or come upstairs for dinner.  We've already used it several times and have found it to be a fun and useful product for families with little ones.
Whether this timer is used at home, or in the classroom...I can definitely see how it would be useful to teachers and parents alike. It's a great size, wonderful quality, and couldn't be easier to use. I've enjoyed having it to use, and know that as the kids get older and are busy with homework, etc...it will continue to be used.

Buy It: You can purchase the Magnetic Time Tracker for $29.99.

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win a Magnetic Time Tracker from Learning Resources! You can enter, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to US only and will end June 12.

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