With three children my focus is on them when it comes to shopping. I absolutely love to find cute outfits, new toys and unique baby gear for my kids. There are so many neat things out there to buy babies and children, which is why I also enjoy shopping for people that I know who are having babies. And, for anyone with kids...you know a great place to do this is Babies R Us!

We used to live closer to a Babies R Us, but have since moved and are quite far away from one. We shop in-store much less than we used to, but thanks to technology, I'm still able to browse around their online store and buy things for my kids as well as gifts for new babies and moms.

There is currently someone in our family expecting their first baby, and I know a baby shower is coming soon. That's why I've spent a lot of time searching on the Babies R Us website looking for great gift ideas for a new mom and newborn. Of course, as usual...there are plenty of choices. And although the prices aren't too bad for the most part either, I'm someone who likes to save money wherever I can and have been searching out Babies R Us coupon codes as much as possible.

If you read here often, you know that I prefer to shop online vs in the store because it's easier with three little ones. I find it to be a convenient way to shop these days, as well as a better way to save money most times. I hardly ever shop online without using a coupon code, and depend on sites like CouponSnapshot to help me find the most current and best discounts and deals.

Shopping for this baby shower has been no different. While shopping for gifts, I have been able to find many great Babies R Us coupons...everything ranging from discounts on diaper bags, swings, bouncers and diapers (a deal I'm definitely going to have to take advantage of for my own kids as well!).

Whether you're looking to buy gifts for a baby shower, birthday, holiday or something else...shopping online is a great way to go about it. In my own experiences, I have found that there's almost always a coupon code for the store I'm shopping at, so I would definitely recommend searching out coupon codes to find the best deals as well!

How about you? Do you use coupon codes frequently when shopping online?

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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