I've always tried to make a point to make healthy choices when it comes to the foods I eat, the products I use, etc...however, I must admit..exercise hasn't always been at the top of my list. I am finding with age and having had three children though, that it needs to become more of a priority. Losing the baby weight is not nearly as easy as it was with my first two children, not to mention the fact that I want to stay active and be able to enjoy running around with my kids. To do this, one of the things my husband and I have started doing is walking in the evenings... it's amazing what a workout you can get from pushing a stroller with one or two kids in it... AND how fun it can be if it's one like the new Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller from Kolcraft!

For those who read here often, you know I'm a huge fan of Kolcraft and their high quality baby gear. Whether you're looking for strollers, crib mattresses or something else...it's a fantastic place for parents of little ones to shop! If you're not familiar with this wonderful company, here's a little bit about them...

Kolcraft began in 1946 when Leo Koltun made playpen pads out of cotton batting and oilcloth covers for post World War II babies. Over the years the company has grown and expanded to include a variety of products that help make the lives of parents with little ones easier! Known for their innovative and high quality baby products, as well as service that can't be beat....it's no wonder parents continue to turn to them time and time again.

We have owned several Jeep products in the past and have always been really pleased with the quality and innovative design. That's why I couldn't have been happier to learn about the new Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller from their new J is for Jeep brand and that we were going to have the opportunity to review one ... especially with me starting to make fitness a more important part of my life!
  • Compatible with many popular infant car seats (no adapter required) including: Baby Trend, Britax, Chicco, Cosco, Graco, Peg Perego and Safety 1st
  • iBaby Sound System connects to your iPod or MP3 player
  • 16 inch rear air-filled tires for jogging comfort and increased performance on uneven surfaces
  • Forward-locking front wheel provides increased wheel base and stability while jogging; swivels for everyday use
  • Shock-absorbing suspension system keeps the ride smooth
  • Smart Handle® adjusts to multiple heights
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Large underseat storage basket can be accessed from the front or back of the stroller
  • Convenient Free-Stand® design stands upright when folded
  • Child cup holder for easy access to cup/bottle
  • Adjustable 5-point harness & safety tether for safety
  • 60 lbs. child weight capacity
When I learned of the many features this stroller had to offer, I was really excited to check it out when it arrived on our doorstep! Upon pulling everything out of the box, I will admit I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take to put together. Thankfully I had no reason to be concerned. There were easy to follow step by step instructions that made it possible to assemble in no time at all. Time is valuable as a busy mom, so having a company that recognizes that and makes their products easy to put together is much appreciated!
Of course, once it was assembled I couldn't help but admire its beauty and quality! I absolutely LOVE the bright green color...it put a smile on my face instantly. It's so fun and cheery, something I'm proud to take out when we're on our walks or even trips to the park!

I was also very pleased with the quality as well! The fabric is top notch...durable and easy to clean while the materials used for the frame of the stroller are sturdy and help give me piece of mind that my kids are safe while riding in it! As I've said in the past, safety is a huge priority to me when it comes to any product we use with our kids...so having something that strong and durable is a must! I can tell this is a stroller we'll be able to use for a long time.

Since we've been going on walks a lot more recently, I want to make sure that the strollers we use are comfortable...especially for Caysen who likes to fall asleep in them when we're out and about. Thankfully, we've found the seat to be comfortable for him. He seems to have plenty of room (as do my other two children when riding in it). I also love that the seat has multiple positions for reclining. This makes it easy for us to find a comfortable place for Caysen to enjoy our walks and a place to nap when needed.

Not only have we enjoyed long walks and jogs, but it's also been fantastic for trips to the park and mall. On sunny days I find it's the perfect stroller, because of its large canopy. It helps keeps my kids shaded and cool. And the best part is...I can still keep any eye on them from the viewing wind on the top!

With a 60 lb weight limit, all three of my kids can comfortably ride in this stroller. And, thanks to the adjustable five point harness, I'm able to secure them in properly and with ease! It ensures that they are safe and secure while riding in it...again another safety feature I really appreciate!
As I said, we've already used this stroller several times...both for everyday use and walks/jogs! I love that it's versatile and can easily be used in pretty much any situation we could need it for. The forward-locking front wheel provides increased wheel base and stability while using it for walking and jogging, and then it also can swivel when we're using it for everyday use. It's perfect!
Both my husband and I have taken turns pushing it, and agree that one of our favorite features is the Smart Handle and that it adjusts to multiple heights (this is especially important for a jogging stroller in my opinion). We are able to get a comfortable height for each of us when pushing it. And while jogging, it's great to have the tether strap attached as well!
And, no matter if we're walking behind it, or jogging... the shock-absorbing suspension system seems to help keep the ride extremely smooth which is a plus for both us and our kids. The 16 inch rear air filled tires also make jogging more comfortable, especially on uneven surfaces.
Of course, what fun is exercising and being active if you don't have a little music to enjoy too?! Thankfully, Jeep even thought of that and included the iBaby Sound System which connects right to your iPod or MP3 player! I simply attach my iPhone to the system and play my music while we are on our walks and/or jogs! It is wonderful, and the kids always like it too! What a great feature to have! I have a feeling many parents would enjoy having music on the go while jogging and strolling their kids around.

Not only have I found this a fantastic stroller to help me make fitness more of a priority (not to mention fun too), but it's also very practical for daily use as well. I love that there are cup holders for the parents, as well as one for the child as well. It's easy to attach when we want to have it along and close enough that my two older children can grab a drink easily while sitting in the stroller.

The storage basket is also large, which is a must for us with three kids. We're always toting around a diaper bag, extra clothing, etc so this has been much appreciated. It's also nice to be able to access it from the front of the stroller and back.
And, when it comes to folding and unfolding...it really couldn't be easier. And, thanks to the convenient Free-Stand® design it stands upright when folded, so it's very easy to store as well.

Overall I've been thrilled with the J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller! The quality is fantastic, and the many unique features it offers makes it a great and fun stroller to use for walks, jogs, and every day trips to the zoo and mall as well! It has definitely made exercising a lot more fun for me and the kids...I love it and would highly recommend other parents check it out.

Buy It: You can purchase the J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller for $299.99, available at Buy Buy Baby.
Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win a J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller of their own! Enter using the Rafflecopter giveaway below. If you don't see the form, click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end August 22nd and is open to the continental US Only!

**The products for this review/giveaway were provided for free by Kolcraft. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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