Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have often read and heard that playing music during pregnancy helps in a number of can help reduce stress levels, improves baby's sleeping habits after birth, lays the foundation for your baby's learning abilities, creates a wonderful bonding experience, and more! Although I've always played music during my pregnancies, I've never stretched headphones over my belly as many expecting moms probably do. I have often wondered if there was an easier, safer and more comfortable alternative. Thankfully, with this pregnancy I've found that with Lullabelly!
In 2003, Adrianne Godart (who was a practicing licensed massage therapist at the time) was on the hunt for a baby shower gift for a few of her pregnant friends. She wanted to find something that incorporated her love of massage and music...something expecting mothers could wear to play music to their babies in the womb, while being able to listen to it at the same time. Unable to find this unique type of baby shower gift, she realized the need and a few years late began the steps to creating her own business...and Lullabelly was born.


  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Large front pocket with zipper
  • Built-in volume control dial
  • Standard 3.5 mm plug compatible with any iPod, Smartphone, Laptop, or MP3 Player
  • Safe sound level speaker
  • Ultra soft minky fabric
  • Includes sound splitter and deluxe comfort earphones so mom and dad can listen too
When the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt arrived, I was looking forward to checking it out. I was really impressed with the way it came packaged. Displayed in a box with a window, it was easy to see how nice this product was right away. The professional packaging makes it perfect for gift-giving.

Of course, I couldn't wait to take it out and see all that this one of a kind prenatal music belt had to offer.

Upon pulling it out of the package I was really happy to find super soft minky fabric. That, and the fact that it is adjustable makes it very comfortable to wear and fit any growing belly

The large front pocket with zipper is great. There is even a built-in volume control dial! Now, instead of pregnant mama's having to stretch uncomfortable (and breakable) headphones across their bellies, they can use this safe alternative. It's a great way to play lullabies, voice recordings and more! of all, it couldn't be easier! By simply plugging in the 3.5 mm plug into the device you have...a standard 3.5 mm plug compatible with any iPod, Smartphone, Laptop, or MP3 Player... you can begin right away!

The whole idea of the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is something I really love! As someone who is currently pregnant, I truly have enjoyed using this and know my baby is too! I have been very impressed with the quality and can tell with the many features included, that comfort, convenience and overall design were all taken into account when making this great for any expecting mom.

In fact, it's great for dad's too! My favorite feature would have to be the sound splitter and deluxe comfort earphones making it easy for mom or dad to listen too! You can listen right along with baby and bond with them before they're even born. What an amazing experience!

As I said, I've really enjoyed this product and would definitely recommend the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt to any expecting mom! I think it would make a terrific gift and is something I would have loved with my first two pregnancies as well.

Buy it: The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is available for $55 in a variety of colors.

You can connect with Lullabelly on Twitter and Facebook.

**The product for this review was provided for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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