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Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am so thankful for the family vacations I was able to go on as a young child. It gave me the opportunities to see beaches, mountains and everything in between. To this day I still enjoy traveling and can't wait until the kids are old enough to enjoy some of the fun places I was able to experience as a child. One place my husband and I would love to take them is to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina!

My husband and I vacationed to Myrtle Beach before we had children. We stayed at the Sea Mist Resort, and actually loved it so much that we took a mini vacation a couple of years later with my parents to the same place!

The summer weather is beautiful there! Living here in the Midwest, we don't get to beautiful beaches a it was a lot of fun getting to relax on the beaches by our resort and just soak up the sun and warmth.

I think what we enjoy most about staying here though, is the resorts great waterpark. I remember when we were there on our honeymoon, talking about how great of a place it would be to come once we had kids. There was so much to do at this waterpark...and definitely kid-friendly. Even at their young ages now, our kids would have a blast!

Of course, the many sights and things to do around the Myrtle Beach area were also things we loved! With so many wonderful places to eat, shop, etc....we kept really busy both times we vacationed here.

We've been discussing taking a fun family vacation sometime in the next year or so, and think Myrtle Beach will be one of the next places we go! I can't wait for the kids to experience all the fun things offered here, and best of visit a real beach on the ocean for the first time!

My husband and I were recently given the opportunity to vacation to Negril, Jamaica as well! It was a wonderful getaway for the two of us and a place we'd like to go back to one day.

We've talked about an inclusive vacation of some sort for our 10 year anniversary in a few years and when the time comes to plan something like that, we'll definitely be checking out! is a travel wholesaler with 15 years of experience that can serve all of your travel booking needs. Whether you're looking for a family adventure, weekend getaway, or something else...they're here to help you with it all.

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