Posted by Jenna | Saturday, December 11, 2010

The third round of our Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways has come to an end. I have several winners to announce....

Wind & Weather Direct Basic Weather Station Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 498, Eileen Eco-Cupcake Stand Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 162, JenniferWeldon $75 GC Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 224, meeyeehere

Gifted Imaginations $25 GC Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 48, Liza767

Safety 1st Prize Pack Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 1170, beebubbabella

Brugo Mug Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 39, 3Lilacs

Celebrate Express Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 73, Kim

JUMBIES Giveaway Winner ~
Commenter 66, aSpoonfulOsugar

Thank you to everyone for entering. Keep checking back, Xenia and I still have several great giveaways lined up you won't want to miss!

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