Over time, I've noticed that Kaelyn's favorite television shows are the ones that include catchy music and get her up and dancing. I have to admit, these are the types of shows I even enjoy watching with her! That's why I was excited to learn that we were going to have the opportunity to review the Let's Hear It For The Laurie Berkner Band! DVD.

For those who are not familiar with her, Laurie Berkner is an award-winning, best selling author and songwriter who has connected with children across the country. She was the first children's singer ever to appear in music videos on Nick Jr. and recognized in such publications as People Magazine and Parenting Magazine as being a joy for the whole family.

I had a feeling Kaelyn would enjoy this fun DVD, and I was right. It's the type that gets you jumping, dancing and singing along with the popular Laurie Berkner Band. The DVD is packed with her most popular tunes as well as lyrical themes, interactive music, movement and games that promote creativity and help foster an appreciation for music.

The DVD includes:
1. “Who’s That?”
2. “Victor Vito”
3. “Five Days Old”
4. “My Energy”
5. “I’m A Mess”
6. “In The Clouds”
7. “Pig On Her Head”
8. “The Cat Came Back”
9. “Farm Song (That’s What I Did On The Farm)”
10. “I Really Love To Dance”
11. “I’m Me And You’re You”
12. “Sneaks”
13. “I’m Not Perfect”
14. “Rocketship Run”
15. “Magic Box”
16. “Fast And Slow (The Rabbit And The Turtle)”

Our whole family has really enjoyed Let's Hear It for The Laurie Berkner Band. Kaelyn enjoys dancing along and doing the different motions. She has even started to try and sing along with some of the songs. Kaden also seems very interested and claps along during the songs. I really like how short each of the songs are. They're long enough to get kids involved, but short enough to keep their attention. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the dance and sing along type of children's shows. I am so glad we have this as part of our children's DVD library.

DVD SRP: $16.99
DVD Running Time: 44 Minutes
Released on DVD September 28, 2010
Special Features: Moose & Zee Music Videos

**The product for this review was provided at no cost. The opinions found here are my own and may differ from those of others**


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