StarStruck: 2 Disc Extended Edition DVD Review

Posted by Jenna | Monday, June 07, 2010

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of wholesome movies for families to watch together these days. That's why I like Disney Channel and many of the original movies they release! I'm not saying they're always appropriate for every age, but for the most part I've found them to be very clean movies. I'm sure many of you have heard of StarStruck. I had not seen it, but had seen previews and thought it looked cute. I was excited when given the opportunity to review the StarStruck: Extended Edition on DVD recently!

From the press release:

StarStruck, a music and adventure-filled romp that hits all the right notes for kids and tweens, tells the story of Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell, Prison Break) and her older sister Sara (Maggie Castle, Time Traveler’s Wife), who are heading to Hollywood from Kalamazoo, Michigan, on a family trip to visit their grandmother. Sara is obsessed with pop star Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight, Sonny with a Chance) and hopes to track him down while in California, but Jessica could care less about the stuck-up star and would rather go sightseeing. When the sisters arrive in L.A. Sara takes Jessica on a hunt to find Christopher and a chance meeting with the star sets off a series of comic adventures that feature many of L.A.’s landmark locations. As the sisters sightsee and spend time together, Jessica gets to know the real Christopher and soon their friendship grows. Ultimately Christopher must decide what is more important -- being himself or becoming a movie star. Disney Channel stars Brandon Mychal Smith (Sonny With a Chance) and Chelsea Staub (JONAS) also star as Christopher’s loyal best friend and fame- hungry girlfriend, respectively.

Tomorrow, June 8th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases StarStruck: Extended Edition on DVD! It includes the DVD, the Walt Disney Records CD soundtrack, plus never before seen scenes and music!

When it arrived I knew it would be something my hubby and I would enjoy watching, and even Kaelyn! From previews she'd seen on the Disney Channel, she knew right away what the name of the movie was when she saw the cover. The best part for her was the music! I have to admit, it is pretty catchy! :) Both my husband and I thought it was a really cute movie and something older kids and young adults would enjoy. I thought it had a great message and was something that kept us interested the whole time. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would and was comfortable letting Kaelyn watch it with us. I would highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Buy It: Available on June 8, 2010, StarStruck: Extended Edition 2 Disc DVD + CD is priced at $29.99 and a single disc of the film, priced at U.S. $26.99 and Canada $29.99, both from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

  1. Jamie @ Me Getting Debt Free June 10, 2010 at 2:23 AM  

    Sounds like a cute family film. My personal favorite family film is Second Hand has Bobby Duvall, Michael Caine, and Haley Joel Osmendt in it. It's kind of like The Princess's a story in a story. It even got an award for being THE family film of the year (for the year it came out).

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