Mutsy Grow Up! Booster Seat Review

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It wasn't long after Kaelyn's first birthday that we decided it was time to graduate her from a high chair to a booster seat. The high chair was great for a time, but there came a time when that big bulky seat and tray were not necessary. She was a big girl and learning to feed it was the perfect time for her join us right at the table for mealtime. We tried a couple of different booster seats over the past year and a half and found nothing that worked for us. They were either to low so she couldn't reach, or had too many cracks for food to get stuck in. Thankfully I recently came across the Mutsy Grow Up Seat and am SO happy I did!

Mutsy was founded in 1935 and is a name parents have grown to love and trust. Their mission is to meet the needs of today's modern and mobile parent by offering high quality baby transport products, as well as high chairs, booster seats and other innovative baby accessories that offer flexibility for all lifestyles.

I have browsed the Mutsy website many times and absolutely love the selection of products they offer. Their Grow Up toddler booster seat was especially intriguing to me...especially since I was beginning to feel as though there was no hope left in finding one that had everything we were looking for. I couldn't have been happier when I found out that Mutsy was going to send us a Mutsy Grow Up seat to review.

Before it arrived I wasn't sure what to expect. I really didn't know if this booster seat would be any better than the others we've tried. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong! This seat is wonderful!

The moment I took it out of the box I was already impressed. Not only is it very modern and attractive, but the seat is soft and comfortable which is something we had not found with other boosters we had tried in the past.

I hooked it to the chair and was very happy with the size as well. It's the perfect size for Kaelyn to sit at the table on an average grown-up chair. She can easily reach her utensils and set at the same level as everyone else. It's fantastic! I also like the harness which makes sure she is fastened in safely.

The fact that this chair can be used with children up to the age of 4 is great! That means we will get many more uses out of it. Having had the chance to use it several times already, I can tell you that this is the best quality booster seat we've tried. It's extremely durable and comfortable. Oh, and clean up couldn't be easier. There aren't any tricky cracks and creases for food to get forever stuck in. I love that part about it!

I would definitely recommend the Mutsy Grow Up Seat to anyone looking for a great booster seat! It comes in 6 vibrant colors: raspberry, apple, aqua, blueberry, mandarin, and nut.

Buy It: You can purchase the Mutsy Grow Up Booster Seat for $59 at

I also wanted to mention their NEW chairs for those who missed the announcement I made about them a while back.

The first is the Easygrow "Next" chair:

From the Press Release:

The evolution of the Easygrow, the extraordinary high chair that grows with baby, continues with the debut of the Easygrow “Next”. The Easygrow “Next” features a sleek brushed aluminum finish and unique dinner tray tilting feature. The chair’s comfortable molded plastic seat features a luxurious suede-like texturized feel. The tilting feature lets the tray fold down and away from baby allowing for them to be placed and removed freely from the seat. This pioneering new highchair brings life to a home’s interior and offers a child a safe and comfortable place at the table. In addition to the dinner tray features include a bumper bar, flexible seat reducer and a 5-point harness. The flexible seat reducer allows use of the chair from the time baby can sit on his or her own. Both the seat and foot rest can be easily adjustable and can accommodate children from the time they can sit unaided to 12 years of age. Easygrow “Next” is lightweight at just 16.5 lbs., allowing for mom or dad to easily position the chair anywhere they want.

Available in: Navy and Brown

Recommended Retail: $249

The second is the Easygrow High Chair:

From the Press Release:

The new lightweight and durable Easygrow features a shortened wheel base designed to take up less room. Additionally, the new dinner tray tilting feature is offered along with an easily adjustable seat and foot rest. Easygrow can accommodate children from the time they can sit unaided to 12 years of age. A flexible seat reducer is included which allows use of the chair from the time baby can sit on their own.

Available in: White or Dark Grey

Recommended Retail: $199

Buy It: You can purchase each of these products on the mutsy website at:
**The product for this review was provided at no cost by Mutsy. This was not a paid post and my honest opinions have been given. Others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**


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