Do you search with Swagbucks?

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you search with Swagbucks? I started using it as my primary search engine back in the Fall and am so happy I did! For those who aren't familiar with Swagbucks, it's a search engine that offers you the chance to win prizes (which include great gift cards like, Target and more) when you search with them. You use it like you would any other search engine, but the difference is, you earn prizes along the way!

Search & Win

I've tried other things like this in the past, so when I began I was a bit skeptical. To my surprise though, it's been a terrific way to earn gift cards and use them to purchase gifts. Many of the items we got for the kids this Christmas were purchased with gift cards earned from Swagbucks. It's been a blessing to have such an easy way to earn a little something while searching the web like I would with any other site. They recently changed it so every 1 Swagbuck is now worth 10. That means it's even easier to earn great 'swag'. I find that with the normal searching I do online, I earn at least 20-30 Swagbucks a day adds up pretty quickly.

Also, for every person who signs up under you, you receive dollar for dollar what they earn up to 1000 if you try it and decide you like it...pass on the word so others can try it too! It's a great way to share with others and earn even more Swagbucks. I have provided my referral links within this post and you are welcome to sign up that way, or using to sign up on your own. :)

If you haven't checked out Swagbucks before, I would encourage you to sign up and try it out if you're interested.

**I was not asked to write this, I simply wanted to share my opinion and experience with with others. Readers may choose to sign up using my referral link if they wish, but it has no effect on my completely honest opinion of this site**

  1. Michelle February 25, 2010 at 9:15 AM  

    I love Swagbucks!! My husband has a hard time remembering to use it when he searches, but I love it! :)

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