Swiss Maid Fudge Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't know about you, but chocolate is definitely one of my weaknesses. And, although I do try to eat it in moderation, I have a hard time resisting yummy handmade chocolates! That's why I was very excited to have the opportunity to learn more about Swiss Maid Fudge and try some of their delicious sweets!

Swiss Maid Fudge specializes in decadent handmade candy which includes homemade fudge, caramel apples, buttery caramels, salt water taffy, brittles, caramel corn and more! Each recipe is made the European way using copper kettles and cooking over open-fired cast iron stoves. Their homemade candy is made fresh daily using only the finest ingredients. What's great is that it's all made without artificial preservatives!

As I said, we had the opportunity to try some of the Swiss Maid goodies.

What I loved from the moment I opened the box was the way it was creatively packaged. I could tell that much care not only went into wrapping each candy separately, but also making sure that the package was just as eye catching and appealing. It would make a wonderful gift for any candy or chocolate lover.

We were sent a variety of candies to try. There was Mint Marble, Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Marble, and a few of their caramels. Of course my hand went straight for the milk chocolate and it was so good! I then tried a little bit of everything else which was equally as yummy. All of it tasted so fresh. I'd have to say my favorites were the milk chocolate and the caramels...but they were all delicious!

Having had a taste of just a few of the many candies Swiss Maid offers, I found myself browsing their pamphlet and website deciding what to try next. I'd love to try their Pecan Turtles sometime.

If you love sweets and chocolate as much as I do, or know someone who does, I would definitely recommend checking out Swiss Maid Fudge.

You can follow Swiss Maid Fudge on Twitter, here.

Buy It: Swiss Maid products can be purchased directly from their website.

**The product for this review was provided for free by Swiss Maid Fudge. This was not a paid post and my honest opinions were given.**

  1. That one girl January 14, 2010 at 2:26 PM  

    OMG FUDGE! I didn't even THINK about FUDGE with all my chocolate cravings. Now I officially hate you. How am I suppose to go on with my day without this?

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