Holiday Extravaganza Review: SproutBaby Holiday Gift Set

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It wasn't until I had our daughter two years ago that I began thinking about using safer products in our home. I want to make sure that I'm helping to give my kids the best start in life, which means being more cautious about the products we use and the foods we eat.

Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to share with you a company that I've grown to really appreciate and love. SproutBaby because they help support parents like myself, in our desire to use high quality organic and eco-friendly products at reasonable prices. They help bridge the gap for families between making healthy choices and making easy choices. I love that their products are not only safe for my family, but also for the environment...and to have it all located on one website makes it very convenient. We no longer have to sacrifice wholesome options because of affordability and accessibility thanks to!

We were recently sent a Holiday Gift Set including some great samples from several eco-friendly lines that they carry! I couldn't have been more thrilled to try these products and have the opportunity to share them with you!

The BabyGanics The Grime Fighter All Purpose Household Cleaner was probably one of my favorites, as this is a product I've been wanting to try for quite some time. It's naturally non-toxic as well as fragrance free. BabyGanics is a brand that specializes in creating cleaning products that aren't only safe for baby, but also for the environment. I found that this All Purpose Cleaner helped to clean my house, just as well if not better than the other products I use. The best part about it is that it's safe and not leaving behind any of those nasty chemicals. I would love to try some of their other products for dishes, laundry etc.
I also really liked the Episencial Better Body Butter. Again, my favorite part about it is that it's safe for kids and free from the bad stuff like additives, parabens, and petroleum. It has a terrific sent and leaves skin super soft and silky! I have to admit that I even like to use it. Episencial Skin Care is the first company to create an all-natural and fully sustainable skin care line for babies and families. I would absolutely love to try some of their other products!
This is the time of year when many of us are trying to do everything we can to safely fight off germs and bacteria. One way to do this is with CleanWell, an environmentally friendly company creating green sanitizers. We received a sample of their All Natural Hand Sanitizer and were very impressed. I love that it's alcohol free, safe for well as the fact that it really leaves our hands soft and the scent is great too!
The last product we were sent to try were a couple of the Nature Baby Care diapers. They are the makers of the most eco-friendly disposable diapers available in the market which consist of 99% compostable material, making them a great biodegradable option to traditional disposable diapers. They are still a little too big for us to use with Kaden, but from the looks of it they seem to be just as good of quality as any other diaper we use. I love knowing that they are eco-friendly and can't wait to use them!

All of the products I had the opportunity to review are ones I would definitely use again and recommend to others! I am very impressed with SproutBaby and appreciate the care they put into finding the best and safest products for families. Any one of their products would make a terrific gift idea this Christmas.

They have some other great gift sets available on their site. If you have a moment, definitely check them out!

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