Pediped Shoes Review

Posted by Jenna | Monday, August 10, 2009

When Kaelyn first began walking, I heard from many people that she should be walking around barefoot as much as possible. Although we tried to do this when was next to impossible to have her barefoot outside seeing how it was the middle of winter here! I wanted to make sure that we were still doing what was best for her.

Thankfully Pediped knows what is best for little feet! They offer a large selection of soft-soled shoes that are flexible and much like being barefoot, but with the protection necessary when outdoors...recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association. I wish I had known about Pediped when she first began walking...but the great part is, it's not too late! They have their Originals Collection which fits children 0-2 years old and their Flex Collection for children 1-6+ years old. It's great to know that we can now ensure better foot health for Kaelyn for many more years to come!

Pediped sent Kaelyn a pair of their Kylie-white/pink shoes from their Original Collection. When we first received them in the mail, I was very impressed with the packaging and signature box that the shoes came in. Having them displayed so nicely would make a pair of Pediped shoes a very nice baby gift for someone! I was also very pleased with the quality of these shoes! Kaelyn just loves them and asks to wear them all the time! They are just darling and go with many of the outfits she wears! I am sure a big reason why she finds these to be her new favorite shoe is because they are so comfortable with the double layer of leather plus a foam pad on the soles for extra cushioning!

Pediped shoes can be purchased right on the Pediped website and at a number of retail locations as well!

  1. Erica Brooks August 11, 2009 at 7:29 AM  

    These are so cute. They have a really nice selection of boys shoes too.

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