There are many options out there when it comes to starting your little one on solid foods. For us it was an easy baby food was the way to go. I know there is a growing number of parents choosing this route for their own children which is wonderful. Having children is expensive, especially when they're young and are eating baby food and wearing diapers still. For most of us, anytime there is a deal or coupon to help us save money, we jump at it!

I happened to come across a couple of deals that I wanted to share. Two brands of organic baby food which we tried with our daughter and really liked, are Happy Baby and Earth's Best. Both offer many options when it comes to healthy, organic baby food. Earth's Best is currently offering a coupon for $1 off your purhcase of 10 jars of Earth's Best baby food. I also happened to come across a $1 off Coupon for Happy Baby Premium Organic Baby Meals (expires June 2009), over at SuzySaid.

Don't miss out on these great deals!!


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