Febreeze Air Effects Eliminates Odor

Posted by Jenna | Friday, February 06, 2009

Have you noticed how scent really has a way of affecting ones mood and behavior even?! I sure have. If it's a scent I like, I am much more likely to be in a good mood and probably even relaxed depending on the smell. Recently I had the opportunity to try out Febreeze Air Effects to review it, and boy am I happy I did. The scents aren't only amazing, but it's outstanding the way this product truly eliminates odor. Having a toddler means lots of diapers, so at times you can imagine how her room smells. One tiny spray of Febreeze Air Effects really helped to eliminate the odor...not just mask it. I was very pleased with the way this worked and plan on buying more in the future! Thank you Febreeze!


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