I love finding high-quality products when it comes to my skin! I have sensitive skin, and even some make-up can be too harsh for it. That's why I was super eager to learn more when I was first introduced to Younique

Younique is a company committed to providing high quality, naturally-based cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty. I was invited to a couple of online parties and purchased several of their products this way. After trying them out, I couldn't help but want to join and help share about their great products with others - hence the reason I decided to become a Younique Independent Presenter! 

One of my favorite products, and the most popular, is the 3D Fiber Lashes! Have you heard of them before?! They are AMAZING! The Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara is an eyelash enhancing duo that increases the eyelash in thickness and volume while still looking real and natural!

Naturally, I do not have the longest lashes, even with mascara on...so I was thrilled when I began using this and found that it really does work for me! I typically do not wear a lot of makeup, so being able to put on this mascara and have my eyes pop has been wonderful! Here's my results using the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique! 

Of course, this is just one of their many products that I adore! A few of my other favorites are the Brilliant Daily moisturizing Gel, Awake Facial Cleanser, eye pigments and Glorious Primer!

The Awake Facial Cleanser is wonderful! It contains beneficial ingredients that help to awaken and cleanse the skin. I has been great for my skin in dissolving oil and makeup. I love how soft and clean my skin feels after using this product. I thought I knew what clean skin felt like, but this has been amazing for my skin!

The Brilliant Daily moisturizing gel is formulated to leave the skin hydrated as it nourishes with its powerful natural ingredients. It's made with Natural Silver, Ginseng and Pearl Powder from Freshwater Pearls. 

I've never had a moisturizer that I absolutely loved, until I began using this one from Younique. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and super soft. I love it! 

The Glorious Primer goes on like silk, leaving my skin super soft! I have never used anything like it before! It helps to prepare and enhance the skin for mineral make-up application.

Finally, are the Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders. There are 32 vibrant shades to choose from and the color combinations are endless. It's 100% natural, chemical free, mineral based loose pigment powder that's free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes and parabens. What I love about these eye pigments is that they can be applied wet for a more dramatic look, or dry for a blended and softer look. 

Here's one of our Younique customers with her pigments on, as well as her Younique mascara! BEAUTIFUL!

Right now there's a fabulous special deal going on where you can get some of our most popular products at a great price! With this set you get the 3D Fiber Lashes, Luxe Lip Gloss, Angelic and Confident pigment powders all in a limited-edition Younique makeup pouch for $50! You check out the Exclusive Mini Collection, here.

As I said, I tried Younique products and ended up loving them so much that I decided to join and share/sell them to others! If you'd like to learn more about these products or want to order any of them, feel free to visit my website here. Also let me know if you ever have any questions! 

I'd love to hear if you've ever used any of the Younique products and how you liked them! Feel free to share in the comments!

**I am a Younique Independent Presenter and wanted to share our products with others who I thought would appreciate learning more about them. All opinions are 100% honest and mine, and not influenced in any way. I truly love these products and hope others will as well. All results and experiences are my own and may differ from those of others.

  1. lil_lady_dz May 20, 2014 at 1:53 AM  

    Would love to try the primer. I love that this company offers naturally-based cosmetics and skincare. Very cool.

  2. Jenna May 20, 2014 at 12:01 PM  

    Yes, the primer is amazing! It makes my skin feel like silk and helps my makeup stay.

  3. rj7777 May 22, 2014 at 9:38 PM  

    I love it when moisturizer makes your face feel so good like that. It is a keeper for sure. Also will have to check out that line! thanks for the great review! I like to know about great face stuff!! Rita Spratlen

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