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Kaelyn is a girly girl and often asks if I want to do my nails with her. Of course I want to soak up as many memories as I can with my sweet girl, but the idea of using finger polish on her has always left me a little uneasy. Thankfully, I no longer need to worry thanks to Luna Star Naturals!

Luna Star Naturals has an award-winning collection of natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic mineral makeup designed especially for young girls, as well as their PINKi Natural odor-free, water-based, peel-off nail polish! The Klee Girls makeup line is intended for ages 8-14 and the Pretendi Naturali line features pretend play makeup for ages 3 and up.

Kaelyn likes to pretend with makeup, but with flip flop season just around the corner, I knew she'd be most interested in checking out the PINKi Naturali water-based mineral nail polish

We were sent four of the fun nail polish colors from the PINKi Naturali line and Kaelyn couldn't wait to use them when they arrived! Of course I couldn't resist, I love to paint my nails too! 

All four product lines from Luna Star Naturals are made of safe and natural ingredients and shun harsh chemicals. PINKi Naturali nail polish is formulated with just water, natural mineral colorants and a non-toxic coating. It contains no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates, toluene, camphor, acetates or alcohol! There are also no parabens or synthetic FD&C colors and lake dyes. Of course, knowing this made me even more excited, and at ease about using them with Kaelyn! 

Upon opening the nail polish, we both noticed that it's 100% odor-free. I love not having the strong chemical smell of finger nail polish, let-alone all of the toxic things in them! 

Aside from the smell, I was curious about the quality. As she and I began using the fingernail polish, I was very impressed with its thickness and how nicely it goes on. We've used different nail polishes in the past for kids that were thin and very cheap. These on the other hand, went on nicely and looked great!

She and I have both tried all four of the colors we received and love them all! There are 12 colors to choose from, so no matter your daughters preference, you're sure to find something she loves! The colors are: 

Nashville (Red) 
Augusta (Sunflower Yellow) 
Denver (Hot Pink) 
Concord (Baby Purple) 
Sacramento (Baby Pink Shimmer) 
Hartford (Baby Violet) 
Juneau (Pearly White) 
Indianapolis (Silver Sparkles) 
Montgomery (Peach) 
Saint Paul (Green) 

Salem (Metallic Blue) 
Little Rock (Powder Blue)

And, when it comes time to remove the nail polish there is no need for the typical, stinky nail polish remover! PINKi Naturali is designed to be easy to remove. The paint peels off easily when nails are soaked in warm water. It's really that easy! 

Overall I've been thrilled with the PINKi Naturali nail polish and so has Kaelyn. Young girls can now get hours of fun dressing up their nails with minimal adult supervision thanks to the safe makeup of these nail polishes! If you're looking for a clean, safe nail polish for a young girl in your life, I'd definitely recommend checking out PINKi Naturali!

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  1. lil_lady_dz May 16, 2014 at 2:46 AM  

    Love that they are no parabens or synthetic FD&C colors and lake dyes. And its 100% odor free. This is so awesome! Love products like this.

  2. Courtney B May 16, 2014 at 10:01 AM  

    my daughter LOVES nail polish but does it create a huge mess? thats what im looking for!

  3. rj7777 May 17, 2014 at 10:17 PM  

    How fun!! I never had girls to do this with. I think this sounds so fun to do together. I like the polish too for you know it isn't filled with chemicals. Thanks for sharing pictures too!

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