HABA Soft Fabric Foods ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Friday, May 16, 2014

*The products for this review were provided by HABA. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

I appreciate finding high quality toys for my kids that are fun, open-ended and encourage creativity. Thankfully, HABA offers that and more! 

For those who aren't familiar, HABA is known for their high quality baby and children's toys, games and dolls. The company's products are always seen in national parenting and lifestyle magazines plus they've won nearly every prestigious German and American toy Award. 

We've had the opportunity to review and own many HABA products over the years, and I am always impressed with the quality and over-all appeal. They are the types of toys my kids keep going back to time and time again.

Being such a big fan of this brand, I was thrilled to learn about the roll-out of some wonderful role play, dolls, and kitchen items this Spring. We were sent a few kitchen items to review and my kids couldn't be happier! 

We received the soft play American-style foods including the Apple Pie, Hotdog, Ketchup & Mustard and Salt and Pepper Grinders!

All of the products we received impressed me with their high quality! Even though I knew HABA makes great quality toys, they never cease to amaze me! The Apple Pie is made of polyester and includes 1 cake base, 5 green apple slices and one piece of lattice dough. It is absolutely adorable!

The kids love to play in their play kitchen, so this was the perfect addition and fit right inside their play oven. They have been serving us apple pie ever since they got it! It's fun to see them enjoying it so much!

The hotdog with bun and toppings is equally as fun! My kids cook up a lot of fun with this hotdog set. 

It's great for pretend play - especially when they're pretending to have a picnic or grill out. I am amazed at the detail that went into designing this plush hot dog. I just love all the fun toppings and so do the kids! It comes with two halves, 1 hot dog, 3 slices of cucumber, and several cheese shreds. 

Of course the kids enjoy pretending they're eating it too! 

The Salt and Pepper Grinders are also super cute! They are also made of the same type of material and very-well made! They are not your ordinary soft food toy though. They actually have a top that rotates with a real grinding sound!

They are such a nice size for little hands and I appreciate that there's a S on top of one and a P on top of the other. Kaelyn and Kaden both enjoy seasoning their food and using these realistic grinders.

Finally, one of my favorites is the Ketchup and Mustard! How cute are these?!

Not only do they look realistic, but they have a special surprise that the kids adore! They love topping their freshly grilled burgers and hotdogs, because when squeezed, a piece of red or yellow yarn "squirts" out!

And, when you're ready to put them away...the yarn pushes right back inside until you're ready to use them again! So simple, and so fun!

We have been very happy with all of these soft food items from HABA. The quality is fantastic, and the fun and open-ended play it provides has been great! I would definitely recommend these products to families with young children. They would make a fun addition to any play kitchen!

Buy It: You can purchase the Apple Pie, Hotdog, Ketchup & Mustard and Salt and Pepper Grinders at HABAusa.com.

You can also connect with HABA on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. rj7777 June 9, 2014 at 9:48 PM  

    I love their products. They have some cute realistic toys that help kids have fun and learn too. Love the pictures. Rita Spratlen

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